The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 613 with Ms. Pat (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 613
Episode Guest: Ms. Pat
Original Airdate: February 16, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, NatureBox,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Ms. Pat is a stand-up comedienne and will have a story featured on an upcoming episode of This is Not Happening on Comedy Central, airing on the night of Thursday, February 19, 2015 12:30 AM.

Topics Discussed: Internet trolls; Dockers pants; sagging pants; unemployed dick vs. employed dick; sex; matching underwear; cross-dressing guys; transsexuals; clit; cocoa butter; stretch marks; losing weight; women leaking piss as they age; stinky pussy; crabs; pubic hair; being healthy; spending money; losing weight; gout; cranberry juice; Ms. Pat’s deep voice; Ms. Pat talking during sex; vibrators; masturbating; being Christian; multiple baptisms; her mom; smoking cigarettes; changing her life; getting a book deal after her first JRE appearance; writing the book; bringing up old memories; white people; slavery; doing stand-up for white people; nicknames; flying in a plane; her gay daughter; gay children; promiscuous women have more gay sons; girls with only guy friends; porn’s influence on girls today; graves; setting tombstone on fire; nicknames; saying “like” or “uhh”; rehearsing material; watching her sets; “set your hot cock ass down”; her brother working as a mechanic; a Ms. Pat reality show; The Wire; Fresh Off the Boat; touring; performing in front of her husband for the first time; touring with Katt Williams; saying “cunt”; wrinkles and black skin; thin skin; skin cancer; Bob Marley dying from skin cancer; stevia; aspartame; Chick-fil-A; kids with Starbucks cups; picking up kids for a ride; talking with her kids; her relationship with her daughter; her funny daughter; white people mad at Obama; the Clintons; Monica Lewinsky; jealous single people.

My Thoughts: Probably one of the crudest JRE podcasts I’ve heard in a long time.

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