The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 983 with Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher

Episode Number: 983
Episode Guest: Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher
Original Airdate: July 5, 2017
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Guest Bio: Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher are writers, actors, and comedians. Look for them out now on The Endless Honeymoon Tour where they perform their individual routines, then appear together.

Topics Discussed: Will the name of the tour jinx their marriage; Newport, Rhode Island; rich people and taxes; where is the tax money going; people don’t research the presidental candidates; Trump is illustrating that the idea of a president is ridiculous; everyone worships the past; baths; Moshe says Natasha is always horny; Moshe tells a story about Tom Cruise acting weird at a party; talk about how Tom Cruise is weird; Tom Cruise was on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast; Australia Catholic church sex assault charges; Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger)Spotlight movie; The Keepers Netflix show; more Catholic church and child molestation talk; why priests are celibate; comedians; what percent of comedians are good; Alonzo Bodden; comedians wanting to do TV/movies; Paris Hilton is one of the highest paid DJs; Vegas night clubs; what DJs get paid; Andrew Dice Clay owed casinos a lot of money and gambled away the deed to his house; Dana White has been banned from casinos for winning too much money; card counting; why do rich people gamble; Joe says Dana has been hit in the head a lot and might have CTE which is why he’s impulsive; Joe talks about getting hit in the head when he was younger; Natasha doesn’t understand MMA; why do MMA fighters want to fight; all MMA fighters will eventually lose; UFC and drug testing; she thinks sports are holding humanity back; they try to figure out what sports Natasha likes; she only weighs 105 lbs.; Joe only watches combat sports; Moshe doesn’t like kickboxing; Joe talks about going to the opera while high; Moshe and Natasha talk about going to the symphony; Moshe’s grandma said the end of your life is the worst part of it; old people are depressing; Joe talks about living with his grandparents in New Jersey years ago; the best ways to die; doctor assisted suicide; depression and schizophrenia talk; Moshe talks about taking antidepressants; Fentanyl; doctors and pharmaceutical companies; most people prefer medical marijuana over opioids for managing pain; types of pain; what’s the worst type of pain one can experience; (1:00:00) burn victims; Steve-O burned himself badly; stem cells and burns; fish scales and burns; Natasha’s shoulder popped out; dislocated shoulders; it’s scary to be dating today; recording consent from girls before sex; Moshe talks about a crazy girl who wanted him to put cigarettes out on her and she would bite his genitals; talk about drinking, sex, and what is rape; Moshe talks about his Problematic show; gun control/ownership talk; Joe (again) talks about guns, mental illness, and psych meds; mass shootings; Ronald Reagan and the release of mental health patients; why does the US have so many mass shootings; Natasha and Moshe talk about shooting guns; Joe talks about shooting guns for the first time; talk about CNN going after the kid who made a Trump meme; Trump talk; news network talk; news ratings; talk about news anchors; talk about their tour.

Movies Mentioned

These are the movies that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Spotlight [Blu-ray]
Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams (Actors); Tom McCarthy (Director) - Josh Singer (Writer) - Michael Sugar (Producer)

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