The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 738 with Molly Crabapple

Episode Number: 738
Episode Guest: Molly Crabapple
Original Airdate: December 16, 2015
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Guest Bio: Molly Crabapple is an American artist and journalist, known for her work for The New York Times, VICE, The Wall Street Journal, The Royal Society of Arts, Red Bull, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and CNN. Her new book Drawing Blood is available now on Amazon.

Topics Discussed: Writing her new book Drawing Blood; recalling things differently than other people; name dropping; writing the book; similarities between writing book and writing comedy bits; illustrations in the book; disconnecting from the internet; Norwegian adventurer who spent six months alone in the North West Territories; we are not meant to be alone; prisoners in solitary confinement; Bradley/Chelsea Manning; whistleblowers are patriots; Julian Assange; Edward Snowden; how Putin walks article; Vladimir Putin; Michael Hastings and his mysterious deathTED Radio Hour “Disruptive Leadership” podcast; being on a government list; spying and the future; opening up and being honest in her book; being worried about what her parents would think of her book; Matt Taibbi; what is the most disturbing place she’s visited to write a story; visiting Syria; visiting Gaza; the apocalypse is happening on earth, just not in America; the difficulty for Syrians trying to flee; people don’t have the time or desire to pay attention to what’s happening in Syria; people originally came to America without knowing what it looked like; not letting anyone into America just because they’re from Syria; refugee camps in Lebanon; the disparity between the haves and have nots; the most important thing for people in Syria and other war-torn countries is internet access; Donald Trump wants to stop internet access in the Middle East; ISIS is scared of the internet; ISIS is scared of being killed by women because they’ll go to hell; putting together an army of women to kill ISIS; bombing ISIS isn’t doing anything; Assad killing Syrians; Uday Hussein’s rape and murder of women; Justin Wren; what we think of being horrible is nothing compared to other people in the world; public shaming; there will be no secrets in the future; trolls and the anonymity of the internet; 1% of people are evil cunts; internet trolls that Lance Armstrong has to deal with; the energy spent being mean could be better directed towards other areas of your life; blog posts are not a conversation and not an effective way to communicate; Joe is embarrassed that he likes Taylor Swift; anonymous methods of communication online will dissolve in the future; people think there are no repercussions from being mean online; the pros and cons of being able to read thoughts in the future; GPS is aiding refugees in fleeing one country to another; tightening up the border and Trump wanting to build a wall between the US and Mexico; why is Donald Trump running for president; Molly asking Trump a question at a press conference in Dubai; the New York construction industry hates Trump; construction workers and forced labor in Dubai; the opulence of Dubai; the good things about the wealth of Abu Dhabi; Russian prostitutes in Dubai; the very strict drug laws of Abu Dhabi; people who are wealthy can ruin your life; the best places that Molly has visited; Istanbul; journalists arrested in Turkey; Saudi blogger flogged; slam poetry; being embarrassed by art you created when you were younger; Joe watching his daughters draw over the years; the proportions of women and men drawn by Joe’s daughter; men are not attracted to skinny models, but that’s the body type for modelling; fashion models are for women, not for men; sexual attraction is to make us want to breed; manipulating genetics; Radiolab podcast on CRISPR; clothes; octopus color transformation video; marine life is just as intelligent as us; SeaWorld is like slavery for marine life; Abu Dhabi is making it rain through cloud seeding; early humans were much stronger than we are; new species of human found with large teeth; hobbit people of Flores, Indonesia; Randall Carlson’s theories on human history and the many cataclysmic events the earth has endured; if something happens, nothing from our civilization will survive because everything is digital; population density; why do we grow plants but none of them produce food; our produce today; has Molly ever eaten a crabapple; what she’s doing now and what she has planned; writing a memoir; people need downtime to do nothing; doing too many things; Joe compares Molly’s style to Ralph Steadman; Hunter S. ThompsonGonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson documentary; Hunter at the end of his life; Hunter’s daily routine.

My Thoughts: Nothing new that hasn’t been covered in other earlier podcasts, but nice and light if you’re looking for something to listen to in the background.

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