The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 818 with Mike Schmidt

Episode Number: 818
Episode Guest: Mike Schmidt
Original Airdate: July 4, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Before becoming a door guy at The Comedy Store, Mike Schmidt worked for over 10 years as a criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin.

Topics Discussed: Icelandic viking clap video; Mike’s backstory about being a criminal defense attorney in Madison, Wisconsin; racism in Madison; the contrast in punishment between black and white people for the same crime; when did he realize the system was racist and corrupt; the legal system is like a chess game; attorneys “work the crowd” in a courtroom; attorneys want to win; the justice system becomes a game; Deflategate; cop talk; police brutality; why isn’t anyone talking about racism in Madison; making prisoners garden; NPR radio voice; Jian Ghomeshi; Hillary Clinton; pressure of being the president; Marion Barry; Kwame Kilpatrick; more Hillary Clinton talk; Hillary Clinton Gaddafi death laughing video; Ronald Reagan aliens speech videoGeorge Bush pukes on Japanese prime minister; Dick Cheney; prosecuting someone for war crimes; why Dick Cheney won’t leave the country; presidential pardons; people pardoned by Bill Clinton; Jeb Bush; Richard Nixon talk; the government isn’t as sinister anymore; the government wants our personal information; Whitewater controversy; Dick Cheney and Halliburton; war movies; superhero movies; Watchmen movie; Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk; the Hulk’s pants; Iranian Hulk wants to fight ISIS; Joe’s friend got hit in the head with a golf ball; talk about golf and golfers; Forbes highest paid golfers and athletes; auto racing; NASCAR; eye-level camera of Forumla 1 driver video; Mike becoming a comedian; talk about drunk driving and blood alcohol limits; refusing a blood test if you’re a drunk driver; defending a drunk driver; people get better at drunk driving; bringing family members to court; expert witnesses are whores and take money; slavery wasn’t that long ago and America isn’t that old; the criminal justice system hasn’t improved; immigrants and immigration; Canada and gender neutral identity cards; prison guards having sex with inmates; should inmates be allowed to make a porn site; ejaculating without touching yourself; Mike was told to watch out for inmates trying to seduce him; sociopaths in prison; bad people and the nature vs. nurture argument; does he try to fix people or try to win; telling his clients what to say; George Michael “Freedom” video; more talk about working with and coaching his clients; what led him to comedy and to The Comedy Store; this is a great time for comedy; employees becoming headliners; comedy is booming.

My Thoughts: Mike is a comedian, but this isn’t a funny podcast. Nearly the entire episode is about racism, being an attorney, the justice system, and politics. The last five or 10 minutes is about Mike getting into comedy. No hunting talk, thankfully.

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