The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 794 with Miesha Tate

Episode Number: 794
Episode Guest: Miesha Tate
Original Airdate: May 5, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Miesha Tate is a mixed martial artist and is the current UFC women’s bantamweight champion.

Topics Discussed: Flat earth theory; being “woke“; chemtrails and contrails; cloud seeding; marijuana and Las Vegas; Washington state; Tacoma, Washington; spending her free time in Vegas while training; how her life has changed now that she’s a UFC champion; she was supposed to fight Ronda Rousey but Holly Holm took her place; rematch with Holly Holm; Holly Holm vs. Valentina Shevchenko; eating cupcakes; she’s following a ketogenic diet; talk about keto dieting; liver mousse; beets; drinking out of glass rather than plastic; turmeric and curcumin; she was in a cupcake eating contest; feeling like shit after eating sugar; Fear Factor TV show and the disgusting food people would eat; stinky cheese; eating bugs; tomato hornworm; eating a spider; people don’t care if you eat or kill bugs; cooking a lobster; her boyfriend can’t eat anything from the ocean; crab swarm on ocean floor video; Eddie Bravo won’t eat onions; Miesha doesn’t like chocolate; Miesha had Reye syndrome; she had a spinal tap; she was told she wouldn’t excel as an athlete due to liver damage; visualization; placebo effect; bullshit artists working with UFC fighters; guy tries to chop coconuts video; traditional martial arts schools can be like cults; the UFC has changed a lot in 20 years; belief can help you, up to a point; Steve Hassan; Vinny Shoreman and hypnotism; she started her own podcast, The Miesha Tate Show; talk about comedy hypnotism shows; team sports vs. individual sports; fighters aren’t scared to fight someone else; talk about her fight against Holly Holm; winning the belt doesn’t seem real; there is an art to fighting; she won the belt on her 10-year anniversary of fighting; what kept her going in the early days of MMA; what attracted her to fighting; how her family reacted to her being a fighter; losing her Strikeforce belt to Ronda Rousey, then losing her grandfather to cancer; other sports she was interested in when she was younger; crashing her mountain bike as a child; how children are affected by negative people in their lives; her relationship with her mom; proving people wrong; she’s very feminine and relaxed for a fighter, especially compared to Ronda Rousey; using anger for motivation; her disposition; anxiety issues; overcoming her losses; dealing with people online; dealing with awful MMA fans in real life; everybody loses eventually; Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold fight; Miesha seeing Holly after the fight; Holly thought Miesha would be a tune-up fight; Miesha talks about how rude Ronda Rousey was to Paige VanZant because she congratulated Holly Holm; she doesn’t like that Conor McGregor didn’t show up for his UFC 200 media obligations because it affected her training; talk about Conor fighting with the UFC; how much fight promotion is too much; adjusting to jet lag when fighting away from home; talk about fighting Rin Nakai in Japan; Joe thinks Conor is better off not fighting Nate Diaz; Conor’s movement training; talk about Conor’s skills; people question everything you do when you lose; her Sara McMann fight; Georges St-Pierre talk; people like to watch sloppy brawlers; the power of the mind; Jose Aldo talk; making sure you’re not over-training; monitoring her heart rate; you get stronger when you’re resting, not training; knowing when to rest; fighters pushing through injuries; Cain Velasquez‘s injuries; fighters training too hard; Matt Hughes talk; Yair Rodriguez; Andre Fili; Raymond Daniels; traditional martial arts skills; Eddie Bravo’s flexibility; grappling with guys; grappling as a woman; using a ballet Pro Arch ankle stretcher for Brazilian jiu jitsu; Black Swan movie; her weight; Asian cultures and weight; Miesha’s strength and conditioning training; she was criticized in high school for her muscles; she wrestled in high school because she couldn’t play basketball; talk about wrestling in high school; realizing she liked difficult challenges; more wrestling talk; weight cutting in high school; she beat guys in wrestling and made them cry and quit; getting pinned by a Saturday night ride; wrestling compared to wrestling in MMA; wrestling moves in MMA; Joe wrestled for one year in high school; Miesha wanted to do gymnastics; learning how to strike; knees to the face in amateur fighting; not knowing what a Thai clinch was and getting her nose broken in an amateur fight; needing to prove people wrong; she never got her nose fixed; Joe tells her to get her nose fixed because he got his fixed; Joe explains the surgery procedure; Wanderlei Silva had his nose fixed and made bigger; Wanderlei’s training; Wanderlei getting banned from the UFC; testosterone replacement therapy; the UFC’s IV ban and weight cutting issues; fighters should agree on a weight to fight at; same day weigh-ins; monitoring weight during training; measuring hydration; people have died due to weight cutting; IVs can be used to mask performance enhancing drugs; blood doping and EPO; testosterone is made from yams; fighters use PEDs because other fighters are using PEDs; people will do whatever they can to win; how long she plans to fight for; she still feels like she’s learning; focusing on her striking; believing you can vs. knowing you can; her upcoming fight with Amanda Nunes; she wants to rematch and beat Ronda; how will Ronda come back after her loss; Miesha doesn’t think Ronda is a fighter at her core; she thinks the Holly fight broke Ronda; she doesn’t think Ronda has a fighter’s mindset; she doesn’t think her and Ronda will ever be friends.

My Thoughts: Bounces around from topic to topic at the beginning (including ketogenic diets!) before turning towards fighting. Lots of MMA and UFC talk. Talk about wrestling in high school. Training and developing her skills. Good stuff if you’re a UFC fan.

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