The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 707 with Michael Dowd

Episode Number: 707
Episode Guest: Michael Dowd
Original Airdate: October 14, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, Squarespace,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Michael Dowd is a former NYPD officer and current ethics consultant. The Seven Five is a critically acclaimed documentary made about his time as an officer, and is available for download at

Topics Discussed: How Joe heard about the documentary; having the opportunity to do bad things; being young; the original idea for the movie; Frank Serpico; his partner Kenny; being told to not make drug arrests; New York’s crack epidemic; the fun of breaking the law; writing a book; story about stealing a poker machine; stealing money during a burglary call; the addiction to action; thinking he would die; testifying; what his wife knew; calling internal affairs and trying to go good; going to “the farm”; selling cocaine through a bodega; unibrows and eyebrows; dealing with drug dealers; going to the Dominican Republic and being followed; how did he not get killed; surrendering his badge; Tamir Rice killing; pulling his gun; not shooting anyone; relationship today with guys he knew then; he knew his friend was wearing a wire; Hawaii cops were once allowed to have sex with prostitutes; his plea agreement and sentence; Nicaraguan shrimp boat story; catching his friend; plan that led to a woman dying; how prison was as a cop; being treated as equal to a child molester; possibility of doing a podcast; seeing people he used to know; Joe would have done same thing if he was young and had the opportunity; the CIA and drugs; defining people by their actions; being in isolation while in prison; Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange; story about the bodega owner leaving the country; getting out of solitary confinement; sharing a cell with someone; aligning with others in prison; what days are like as an inmate; getting sentenced; escaping prison; El Chapo; moving prisons; the prison commissary; control mechanisms; money in prison; moving from a prison in Florida to Massachusetts to be closer to his family; making money today off his past crimes; his first day out of prison; never seeing a cell phone; going to a halfway house; his first shower outside of prison; wanting to go back to prison after being released; getting a job; his relationship with a girl in the halfway house; being under house arrest; getting a job; his back and neck problems; writing a book; Bill Clinton; Vladimir Putin; his first crime as a police officer; police officer training; getting free food as a cop; story about a rat who died after falling over a railing; seeing crime everywhere; story about seeing his first murder victim; story about finding coke, selling it, then buying a condo; Manuel Noriega; getting good food in prison; inmates having sex with guards for money; making money in prison having phone sex; story about losing a prisoner at a hospital before his vacation; what cops think of him; making internal affairs videos for the police.

My Thoughts: This guy is quite a character and has stories that rival Joey Diaz’s.

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