The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 575 with Matt Fulchiron (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 575
Episode Guest: Matt Fulchiron
Original Airdate: November 13, 2014
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, Onnit

Guest Bio: Matt Fulchiron is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called The Full Charge Power Hour.

Topics Discussed: Joe’s return to The Comedy Store; Roast Battle; being asked to not do similar bits; writing bits; trying too hard; Dean Delray; Pauly Shore; grudges; girl walking in NY video; cat calling women; peanut butter and jelly sandwich is racist; social justice warriors; internet trolls; Gamergate; Joe’s computer nerd history; violence against women; comet guy’s sexist shirt; cock and ball bushes; guy jizzing into co-worker’s coffee; needing money; Fear Factor; high fence hunting; David Choe; communicating online; Carlos Mencia video backlash; people fucking in hotel rooms; road stories; Gypsies; checking your privilege; China hacked US weather satellite; not being able to say the word “bitch” anymore; words you can’t say; Artie Lange’s ESPN tweets; ESPN ripping off Daniel Tosh; Too Many Cooks; touring; elephant fighting lions; cats; Joe adopting feral cat; tiger loose in Paris; bears; koala bears and chlamydia; tanning beds and STDs; Shaq’s dick; bugs; showering before BJJ class; yeast infections; vagina stench; bees dying; queen bees; insects getting bigger; Asian giant hornets; calf killed by wolves; deer stuck together; coyotes; humans fighting animals; Woody Allen boxing a kangaroo; Woody Allen; Bill Cosby rape meme; Eddie Murphy’s phone call from Bill Cosby; Little Rascals; Amos ‘n’ Andy.

My Thoughts: Entertaining, but covers stuff you’ve likely heard before.

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