The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 835 with Louis Theroux

Episode Number: 835
Episode Guest: Louis Theroux
Original Airdate: August 22, 2016
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Guest Bio: Louis Theroux is best known for his documentaries in the television series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and When Louis Met…, as well as his BBC Two specials.

Topics Discussed: Talk about Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and Louis making a documentary about the religion; Tom Cruise and Scientology; Scientology thinks journalists are perverts; Dianetics book; religions; people want discipline; Scientologists are embarrassed to leave the church; religion is seductive; Joe talks again about going to Italy and visiting the Vatican; ISIS and Islam; rules and culture; Twitter bans 360,000 accounts for supporting terrorism; Twitter bans Milo Yiannopoulos; Charlie Hebdo talk; Scientology and the military talk; levels of Scientology; Battlefield Earth movie; Showgirls movie; Scientology is a religion that sells secrets; how Scientology is like McDonalds; how Scientology became tax-exempt; Scientology and donations of money; Leah Remini; Joe’s neighbor was a Scientologist; how Louis became fascinated by Scientology; how Louis made his Scientology documentary; Scientology made a documentary about Louis while he was making his documentary about them; Scientologists are encouraged to stay off the internet; Louis names some famous Scientologists; Louis says Joe should make a Scientology documentary; Joe’s experience testing for Scientology; Scientology is about controlling yourself; Tom Cruise’s Matt Lauer interview; prescription drugs and depression talk; Lisa McPherson’s death; Scientology auditing; Scientology has slaves; Scientology’s TV/movie studio; Marty Rathbun; emulsified MCT oil; Joe talks about when Coolio and Kelly Preston were on Fear Factor; the world needs negativity; L. Ron Hubbard was mentally ill; The Master movie; Tom Cruise talk; Edge of Tomorrow movie; John Travolta talk; is John Travolta gay; are you gay if you have sex with men; is Tom Cruise gay; we don’t accept gay men playing straight men in movies/TV; you must spill your secrets to Scientology; Mormonism; Donald Trump talk; Mitt Romney talk; Donald Trump taco bowl tweet; Mitt Romney and Mormonism; The Mexican Mormon War Vice documentary; can you be president and be born outside of the USA; Trump is a birtherTrump says Obama is the founder of ISIS; talk about Trump running for president; Joe talks about Trump’s good points; talk about Hillary Clinton; Gary Johnson; talk about representative government; Joe’s thoughts about Obama; Brexit; the US’s representative government; problems with Obama; how much money is spent on presidential campaigns; Trump has a chance of winning; talk about Hillary; Hillary’s health; Joe thinks Hillary has a traumatic brain injury; fighters and TBI; there are good places to live outside of America; more Scientology talk.

My Thoughts: This podcast is basically focused entirely on Scientology/religion and politics.

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