The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 792 with Lewis from Unbox Therapy

Episode Number: 792
Episode Guest: Lewis from Unbox Therapy
Original Airdate: April 30, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Club W, ZipRecruiter, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel “where products get naked.” Lewis does in-depth reviews of new tech products releasing to the consumer market.

Topics Discussed: Weather; dressing for warm vs. cold weather; death of Evan Tanner; seeing mirages in the desert; losing control; talk about 9/11 and New York City afterwards; someone Joe smoked weed with almost blacked out; how firefighters and the police were treated after 9/11; charts on gun violence; Chicago murder and gun violence rate; Chicago man live streams being shot; malaria has killed half the people who have ever lived; Justin Wren has malaria again; Lyme disease; MeatEater podcast with Dan Flores; coyotes; coywolf coyote/wolf hybrid; wolves in Yellowstone park; Lewis saw a wolf in an urban area in Toronto; more coyote talk; river catches fire due to fracking; Merchants of Doubt documentary; climate change; people who act like authorities on topics they know nothing about; clickbait headlines; article about Bill Nye supporting jail time for climate change deniers; (they watch the Bill Nye video); clickbait vs. a lying headline; knee-jerk reactions online; YouTube channels that hate on people; YouTube content thieves; Fine Brothers react video controversy about trademarking “react” videos; trademark of “people are awesome” video on YouTube; more Fine Brothers trademark talk; copyright of the “Happy Birthday to You” song; internet piracy of music and stand-up comedy; a record company went after Joe for having an artist play their music on the podcast; how record companies pay artists; Prince changing his name; Paul Stanley‘s thoughts on piracy; music isn’t worth what it once was; people can easily create music today; Tonetta “Really Big Cock” video; artists are making more on vinyl than from streaming; Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify; is streaming better than piracy; emerging artists need to be on Spotify; how many people pay for Spotify; Tidal streaming service; convenience trumps quality; no one buys/wants CDs anymore; Kanye West is changing his songs on streaming services; Kanye West; Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations and his wife Camille Cosby; Bill Cosby sued one of his accusers; Bill Cosby wanted people to call him “Dr. Cosby”; Bill Cosby wanted people to watch him eat and tuck him in at night; why is Bill Cosby fucked up; average age of death for rock/pop music stars; Prince has AIDS; Prince was against gay marriage; angry drunks; musicians are different from the rest of the public; Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” song; more Prince talk; you have to be nuts to strive for perfection like Prince, Kanye West; James Cameron is a madman; James Cameron and his submarine; Avatar movie; making a movie is difficult; Lewis talks about the difficulties working with a company in LA to make a video; Lewis talks about making his videos; Lewis strives for authenticity making his videos; YouTube jumpcut editing; attention spans are shrinking; people used to tell Joe to edit his podcasts down; Lewis doesn’t prepare to go on Joe’s podcast because it’s an organic conversation; people develop digital friendships; podcasts replace traditional media; podcast advertising; people want Joe to interrupt the podcast to do ads; don’t compromise quality when making a podcast; Lewis talks about mistakes he’s made making his videos; advertisers want Lewis to use a script and change how he dresses; people who want to “jizz in the soup”; people telling Joe what to do while filming Fear Factor; people who put makeup on for doing podcasts; it’s best to be the real you making videos; “beauty mode” in Samsung cell phones; Kris Jenner Photoshopped a picture of her with Gordon Ramsay, while Gordon posted the original unedited photo; there should be a social media rule book; how many selfies does Joe take before posting a picture; how many pictures do Instagram girls take before posting; posting photos from a real camera on Instagram; Chris Montano, Jr. photography; bald eagles eating a cat video; China’s dog meat festival; Joe says hunting is psychedelic; why Joe decided to become a hunter; Joe talks about his experiences hunting; we have too many game animals; Zimbabwe culls 200 lions; respect for an animal you eat; hunting is more ethical than buying meat from a grocery store; the only predator for bears is people; life eats life; hunting isn’t possible for everyone on earth; buying grain makes you responsible for the death of animals; buying vegetables makes you responsible for the death of bugs; plants are intelligent and communicate with each other; Joe goes off about plants and dirt; growing meat in a lab; robot sex dolls; virtual reality; talk about relationships with women; men without women would become savages; never having to compromise; Smarter Every Day video on the backwards brain bicycle; young kids can learn more easily; developing pathways in the brain; talk about learning a new martial art; Lewis working with an editor on his videos; we should have a floating perspective; flip-flopping in politics; we value people who don’t change their opinions; life isn’t black and white; the comments section on YouTube; leaving comments turned off on YouTube; more YouTube comment talk; Hillary Clinton is paying people to attack trolls online; Shaun King; newspapers that hide content behind paywalls; Android Auto; Lewis recommends the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Nexus phones for Android use; LG’s modular G5 phone; G5’s dual-lens cameras; what Lewis doesn’t like about the LG G5; Google’s Project Fi; Nexus phone talk; cable companies locking customers into phone/mobile/television bundles; more Project Fi talk; Ting talk; WiFi phone calling; Lewis shows Joe the Nexus 6P phone; forward-facing speakers; big screens on cell phones; iPhone SE; iPhone is going to remove the headphone jack; Apple laptops don’t even have USB ports; Apple and planned obsolescence; Razer is going to send Joe some Windows laptops; Joe talks about how he once worked with Razer on developing computer mice; Logitech mice; Lewis uses the Logitech Performance MX mouse; Master of Shapes; Microsoft HoloLens; VR video games; HTC Vive; The Void; the future of entertainment experiences; how much will our personalities be affected by robot sex slaves; Tesla Model 3; buying something without seeing it first; Porsche Model R; Teslas can drive themselves; future of self-driving cars; people are lazy and get overwhelmed with the awkwardness of life; emoji; people would rather respond with multiple choice options; wearables; Apple Watch and auto responses; artificial intelligence; we are not unique; computers/phones answering emails for us; what is consciousness; we’ve stopped relying on ourselves and rely on technology; technology addiction; flip phones; Punkt MP01 dumb phone; discipline; Lewis is going to challenge himself to only use the Punkt phone for two weeks.

My Thoughts: I wish there was more tech/gear talk. They only chat about tech for about 30 minutes towards the end of the podcast before talking about technology addiction and self-discipline. The rest is talk about animals, meat, hunting, piracy, the music industry, Instagram, and topics that branch of those subjects.

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