The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 908 with Leah Remini

Episode Number: 908
Episode Guest: Leah Remini
Original Airdate: January 30, 2017
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Guest Bio: Leah Remini is an actress, producer, author, and comedian. Her new show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is a documentary series that can be seen on A&E.

Topics Discussed: Scientologists are good people who think they’re helping others; how Scientologists are told to behave; her life before Scientology; she was baptized as Catholic; why Scientology appealed to her as a child; Scientology makes you feel important and elite; people want to be on teams; she would have to do 2.5 hours of Scientology work everyday; you’re constantly being tested; taking courses and the cost; there won’t be many new Scientologists because of the internet; if you’re an enemy of the church, a Scientologist can’t talk to you; there are benefits to Scientology; she stopped going to school at 13; she was brainwashed into thinking she was doing good work; how did things start to unravel for her; she asked about David Miscavige’s wife Michele; Tom Cruise was getting special treatment; she had to write reports on people; you’re not allowed to drink; she wrote Tom Cruise up for jumping on couches; she thought she was saving the church; she was interrogated because Tom was writing reports on her; she was in Florida for three months for interrogation; she had to hide things from her family; Scientology meters; Scientology had to keep Tom happy; Leah has never smoked weed; Joe explains edibles to her; there are no reasons for big celebrities to leave Scientology; Tom has servants; Scientologists believe they’re saving the planet; John Travolta is “Kakhan” which means it’s okay for him to kill people; Going Clear book and documentary; Dianetics book; Leah thinks Joe will get mail from Scientology after the podcast; Joe did the Scientologist test; Tom is surrounded by Scientologist employees when he makes a movie; how is Tom behind closed doors; she’s given millions of dollars to the church; the church is trying to discredit her; (1:00:00) the industry has no balls and won’t have an opinion about Scientology; families are ripped apart by Scientologists; suppressive people and disconnecting from non-Scientologists; she took a hiatus from Scientology and they lured her back; the church has a no refund policy; she was called an enemy of the church; Scientologists were beaten for insignificant things like looking at David Miscavige; Joe thinks Leah is a terrible person for the church to challenge; she likes to get involved in other people’s business; Leah filed a missing person report for David Miscavige’s wife; Leah thinks David’s wife Michele is a prisoner; she doesn’t know what happened to Michele; where Scientology is getting money from; Sea Org; church employees make only $15 per week; Leah achieved level OT5; what they do when you reach a new level; Scientologists believe your body is made up of other beings; Leah’s mom is OT8; she had to talk to the beings with an E-meter; why did she go to OT4 and OT5; she thought one day Scientology would make sense to her; she left Scientology nearly four years ago; she’s finding out who she really is now; she’s found faith; Joe talks about his Mormon friends who left the church; Leah doesn’t want to be told what to do/think anymore; Scientology’s “purification rundown” to detox; Leah is curious about trying marijuana; people are allowed to have different opinions; it’s hard to form your own opinions; Scientology and tax-exempt status; religion can bring you comfort; Leah talks about religion when she was a child; cults and religions; Leah talks about her show and interviewing people; what her social life is like now that her friends have written her off; Scientologists run from her at parties; Kirstie Alley called Leah a bigot; Leah names a bunch of famous Scientologists; Scientology said Leah is “past her time” in acting; Scientologists have misguided intentions; Leah talks about past lives; how/why her mom left Scientology after OT8; more levels to Scientology were created; (2:00:00) L. Ron Hubbard wrote more fiction books than anyone who has ever lived; what people say about Leah now that she left; Scientology and child molestation; Greta Van Susteren; feedback about her TV show; the positive aspects of Scientology; Leah is in therapy now; Tom Cruise’s Scientology rant; Scientologists want to help; Joe respects her for rebuilding her life now; Leah can’t talk to her Goddaughter; Scientology has $3 billion in assets; people are supportive of her; Scientologists live in a bubble; beatings in Scientology; people were “overboarded” (thrown off a boat); what goes on at the Scientology gala; Scientology gives money to the police; Leah is devastated hearing peoples’ Scientology stories on the show; the Scientology church isn’t growing, they just keep buying real estate to make it seem that way; what’s her endgame.

My Thoughts: Interesting stuff. Leah talks about Scientology and leaving the church for basically the entire two hours with the occasional aside.

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