The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1167 with Larry Sharpe

Episode Number: 1167
Episode Guest: Larry Sharpe
Original Airdate: September 5, 2018
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Guest Bio: Larry Sharpe is a business consultant, entrepreneur, and political activist. He is currently a candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for the Governor of New York.

Topics Discussed: Joe likes him and what he’s saying and thinks he makes sense; how to get people motivated to vote; doing events helps to get people to vote; 70% of New Yorkers don’t vote; gun violence and mass shootings; Larry thinks politicians don’t want to fix gun issues; security guards at schools vs. arming teachers; loneliness and lack of community is killing our kids; he doesn’t consider himself a politician; people on antidepressants and opioids; he thinks the entire nation will change if New York elects a Libertarian; Jesse Ventura; Predator movie; Cynthia Nixon running for New York governor; more talk about NY governor candidates; voting online; New York doesn’t like new things; NY is too expensive for retired people; 50% of New York state’s budget is pensions; Joe turns the talk back to school shootings; fixing the problems with education; standardized testing is bad; how NY funds schools; what he would do to fix the school system; NY needs more people to do trades; kids are lost and don’t know what to do; more talk about his ideas for fixing the educational system in New York; he wants to eliminate unnecessary administrators; he thinks the way schools are funded is convoluted; personal freedom + transparency + accountability = innovation; they continue their debate about Larry’s ideas for fixing the education system in NY; teachers agree with Larry that there are too many administrators; Joe thinks teachers aren’t appreciated and they won’t like Larry’s idea of them potentially making less money; he doesn’t want schools graded by standardized tests; Larry gets heated about how he is going to fix the system, Joe pushes back; (1:00:00) he thinks NY state could easily hold 30 million people; how to get more people to move to NY state; businesses/jobs that require licensing in New York; he wants to focus on safety, not control; Orthodox Union; how to clean up corruption in NY politics; he thinks people are afraid of the Libertarian philosophy; how Google runs and fosters innovation from its employees; Larry compares Google to the NY school system, Joe pokes holes in his comparison; Joe pushes back and asks how his ideas will benefit the teachers if they make less money under his plan; what if his plan doesn’t work; judging how good a school is; how to grade the students if there’s no standardized testing; he thinks families will keep people in New York state; how to make New York attractive to businesses; he wants to have companies pay to brand things like bridges and interstates the way they do for stadiums; bridge tolls; why he’s running for governor of New York; treating farmers like small businesses; legalizing hemp and cannabis in New York state; he’s never done mushrooms; he says he’s never smoked pot; he doesn’t drink very much; he used to be in the military; more talk about legalizing hemp and cannabis and allowing farmers to run like small businesses; CBD; talk about the NRA and gun control; (2:00:00) tribalism and politics; he would be happy even if he came in second because it shows that a third party can have an impact; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Obamacare; health care vs. health insurance; transparency is important; if health care gets cheaper, health insurance will get cheaper; reducing the cost of pharmaceutical drugs; he’s uncertain whether he will debate Mario Cuomo; what he would talk about with Cuomo; he’s trying to make Libertarian a better brand; he hopes people in other states hear him and use his ideas.

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