The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 737 with Lance Armstrong

Episode Number: 737
Episode Guest: Lance Armstrong
Original Airdate: December 15, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, LegalZoom, Onnit, DraftKings

Guest Bio: Lance Armstrong is an American former professional road racing cyclist and seven-time winner of the Tour de France.

Topics Discussed: Lance dealing with trolls online replying to his tweets and Instagram posts; cycling was full of people juicing and taking performance enhancing drugs; people will never let go of what Lance has done; when Lance first started using EPO; what it was like the first time he took EPO; Cortizone and the first performance enhancing drugs he used; making everything legal; how people would cheat in cycling years ago before drugs; what it’s like riding 2,500 miles; how much of an improvement on times did blood transfusions have; drug tests to detect EPO and blood transfusions; Lance was demonized for his PED use even though everyone was using; what it was like to lie to everyone; his lack of respect for people fucked him; his Livestrong Foundation; nobody cared about the Tour de France before him; Jeff Novitzky went after him for the publicity; the fine line between greatness and madness; knowing and managing his body during a race; the differences between the early days of cycling and today’s modern cyclists; finding the real winner for the years where Lance won while on PEDs; Lance’s Instagram post of his yellow jerseys; was he relieved when he came clean about his PED use; what it was like to be interviewed by Oprah and the aftermath; how did admitting to PED use affect his Livestrong Foundation; guys would have to get up in the middle of the night to ride their bikes when their blood would get too thick; EPO deaths and the Dutch cyclist who passed away in his sleep; why did he still use performance enhancing drugs after recovering from cancer; did he alter his diet after recovering from cancer; Lance was starving himself to be lighter; Lance is forever tied to the sport and PEDs; what he did after Oprah and the subsequent blowback; how his kids were treated for what he did; legal battles that he’s dealing with as the result of his PED use; why is there a criminal investigation on someone who used drugs while racing a bicycle; what Lance thought of Joe’s podcast with Jeff Novitzky; Novitzky capitalizes on high-profile cases; Jeff Novitzky wanted to do Joe’s podcast with Lance; is UFC more exciting when fighters are on performance enhancing drugs; Joe talks about fighters on TRT; getting busted for PEDs was made to be a current event even though what he did happened many years ago; Lance’s Nike commercial; he was too competitive; how many people that he was close to asked him about his drug use; (Lance goes to the bathroom); people make bad decisions when they’re drunk; a lot of people were making a lot of money off Lance but said they didn’t know he was using PEDs; Lance is being sued for $100,000,000; how does he get by financially now; living a simpler life now; what he does to earn money today; what it’s like to watch the story of his PED use grow; how many of his friends and sponsors left him when his PED use came to light; finding out who his most loyal and closest friends are; did he have to explain to his kids what was going on and how he did it; what the reaction of his kids was; why did the FDA spend so much time and resources going after Lance; people saying Lance influenced young kids to use PEDs; what is Lance’s personal life like now that it has come out that he spent years lying about not using PEDs; does he have a personal code about lying now; what is life like for Lance Armstrong now; what does he do each day; does it psychologically fuck with him to be on a bicycle today; Hunter S. Thompson; Hunter’s daily drug, alcohol, and cigarette routine; transparency in our society today; technology is erasing boundaries; our addiction to cell phones; doing a talk and answering questions from people who were mad at him; there will be no secrets in the future; Ashley Madison data leaks.

My Thoughts: Interesting two-hour podcast all about Lance’s PED use and what life is like in the aftermath. I’m surprised Lance would actually come on a podcast to discuss all of these things. Worth a listen.

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