The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 552 Kid Cudi (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 552
Episode Guest: Kid Cudi
Original Airdate: September 22, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Blue Apron, Onnit

Guest Bio: Scott Mescudi (AKA Kid Cudi) is an American recording artist and actor from Cleveland, Ohio.

Topics Discussed: Nicknames; Captain and Tennille; meeting strangers; building a fan base; Myspace; Minority Report goggles; Google Glass; cyborgs. Road Hawk car cameras; dash cameras; Amazon porn; Missy Martinez vibrator explosion; circumcision; Clint Eastwood; Unforgiven; True Grit; writing music; fame; children; beatings; discipline; ice bucket challenge boiling water video; the internet; connecting with people online; cocaine; addiction; benefits of drugs; cigarettes; hypnotism; quitting smoking; growing up; motivation; vinyl; albums vs. singles; shoes; love and marriage; relationships; isolation tanks; Dawn of the Dead; horror movies; monster movies; aliens; personal choice; learning from mistakes; experimenting; writing process; recording process; creativity; performing; psychedelics; LSD; Syd Barrett; DMT.

My Thoughts: I knew who Kid Cudi was before going into this podcast, though I had never heard his music, and still haven’t. I am a little curious though, because he doesn’t seem like what you would expect a typical rapper to be, but I guess he isn’t your typical rapper obsessed with pussy and money. Cudi is interested in psychedelics, floating in isolation tanks, and was even hypnotized to quit smoking. I liked that he wouldn’t let Joe butt in when he was talking to steer the conversation a different way like many guests do. Worth a listen whether you’re a fan or not.

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