The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 591 with Kevin Pereira (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 591
Episode Guest: Kevin Pereira
Original Airdate: December 22, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Higher Primate

Guest Bio: Kevin Pereira is a game show host, TV personality, and podcast creator. Check out the Pointless podcast available on Stitcher and iTunes and watch him on Hack My Life on truTV.

Topics Discussed: Joe Cocker; smoking; Keens Steakhouse; cops murdered in New York City; Eric Garner; police; militarized police; Tamir Rice Cleveland shooting; cops shooting dogs; robot police officers; robot sex dolls; electricity stimulating the brain; drones; pit bulls; foster children; genetic predispositions; poverty; being happy; helping people; changing the government; changing how we vote; personal accountability laws; lobster liberation; real estate prices; keeping up with the Jones’; rich assholes; Richard Branson; Fertittas; DMT; ayahuasca; gun talk; hunting talk; moose; porcupine killed by cheetah; eagles; climate change; tracking; CIA; recently released torture memos; Captain America; Watchmen; Avatar; Avatar depression; Foxcatcher; Pride FC; rigged fights; Vitor Belfort; Ashton Kutcher; Brazilian jiu-jitsu; North Korea internet going down; DDOS attacks; free speech; Gamergate; North Korea; furries; Ghost Rider; tattoos; heaven; gays; Jesus; Adam and Eve; beating slaves and wives; Chinese language; QWERTY and DVORAK keyboards; telepathy; virtual reality; ayahuasca; caffeine.

My Thoughts: I like Kevin and listen to his podcast. I think he wanted to come on the JRE to talk all about his recent ayahuasca experience, yet Joe steered the conversation away when Kevin brought it up. That was fine with me, as I already heard about it on Pointless so I didn’t care to hear about it all over again.

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