The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 954 with Justin Brown

Episode Number: 954
Episode Guest: Justin Brown
Original Airdate: May 3, 2017
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Guest Bio: Justin Brown is a biologist who leads coyote field research for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Topics Discussed: Joe talks about the first time he saw a coyote in California; Justin has been working with coyotes for 15 years; he tracked a coyote in Chicago for 15 months; Dan Flores’ Coyote America book; coyotes are protective of their pups and will scare/kill dogs; he looks at coyote shit and sees they eat fruit, rats, squirrels, cats, insects, and garbage; tracking and collaring a coyote in downtown Los Angeles to track him; raccoons are predators; a raccoon approached Joe and he got scared; talk about a coyote in Los Angeles; coyotes in Los Angeles isn’t a good or bad thing, it’s just a thing; a guy called about a coyote who was staring at his wife; an average coyote is 25-30 lbs.; Joe tells the story about a coyote stealing one of his chickens and running away; coyotes understand traffic lights; it’s unknown how many coyotes are in Los Angeles; difference between coyote shit, dog shit, and bobcat/mountain lion shit; picture of a mountain lion in the Hollywood hills wearing a collar; more talk about that mountain lion; mountain lions don’t attack humans often; why do mountain lions attack humans; a mountain lion killed 30+ ducks; P-45 mountain lion; capturing and releasing mountain lions; mountain lion with mange; rat poison can cause mange; there are around 15 mountain lions in Los Angeles; people are uncomfortable with animals in urban environments; food attracts mountain lions; coyotes like figs and other fruits that humans don’t touch; coyote eating cat in Hollywood video; coyotes eat cats because they think they’re predators; people who leave food out for animals; coyotes are doing great and aren’t in trouble; coyotes are everywhere except Hawaii; the solution to coyotes in urban areas; the more we try to kill coyotes, the more they breed; Joe thinks coyotes are cool to have around; Joe is worried his dog(s) will get attacked by a coyote; coyotes often kill dogs but don’t eat them because they’re closely related to them; distemper; the purpose of his job; sharing of information between other parks; people feed coyotes from cars and coyotes would approach and jump on cars; cleverness of coyotes; killing coyotes expands their range and population; (1:00:00) coyotes are very adaptable; the smartest coyote is smarter than the dumbest person; coyotes have bitten humans in California; coyotes killed a folk singer in Canada; coyotes can kill a moose; what information radio collars can provide; a collar can run off two D batteries for two years; talk about finding a mountain lion in a hole; he carries bear spray; mountain lions get hit by cars occasionally; proposed wildlife overpass in California; mountain lions in Tejon Ranch; California is a unique spot with lots of wildlife; grizzly bears; black bears in California; mountain lions kill deer, which is a good thing because deer cause traffic accidents; Justin darts deer and collars them; talk about the gun he uses to shoot darts at animals; where he aims on the animal to shoot a dart at it; talk about practicing to dart an animal; more darting talk; what data they hope to gather from the collars; mule deer; other animals they are concerned about; frogs and frog eggs; benefits of frogs; reintroducing red-legged frogs; what he would do if he had an unlimited budget; issues with poisons; they don’t use traps because people don’t like blood; mountain lions have died from rat poison after eating coyotes; coyote poison; Rats documentary; talk about rats; more talk about the proposed wildlife overpass and raising money for the project; habitat protection and land preservation; Boulder, Colorado; more talk about raccoons; Joe texts his friend pictures of animal poop to find out what it is; skunks; possums; hawks and eagles; owls; owl grabs hawk video; owls are predators; nature is cool; there’s lots of wildlife in California.

My Thoughts: All talk about animals including coyotes, mountain lions, raccoons, deer, frogs, rats, skunks, hawks, eagles, and owls. Talk about tracking animals and what he does.

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