The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 733 with Judah Friedlander

Episode Number: 733
Episode Guest: Judah Friedlander
Original Airdate: December 9, 2015
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Guest Bio: Judah Friedlander is a stand-up comedian and actor and his new book If the Raindrops United is available now on Amazon.

Topics Discussed: Selling his old “World Champion” hats; his book How to Beat Up Anybody; his new book If the Raindrops United; womens’ nipples; prostitutes and prostitution laws; Judah is a germaphobe; keeping busy; doing stand-up; writing notes and bits; becoming a world champion; trying to break a world record bouncing on a pogo stick; strange world records; developing his “world champion” persona; doing racially and politically sensitive material; offending people on Twitter; definition of “fascism”; overly sensitive people who attack others online; clapping can trigger people who have been beaten in the past; snapping instead of clapping; Joe’s mom lives in Mexico; pollution and traffic in Mexico; Porter Ranch gas leak; 52 year-old man identifies as six year-old girl; Judah dating a girl with a split personality; the werewolf in Joe’s studio; practical special effects in movies; King Kong movies; Ray Harryhausen and stop motion animation; how people acted in movies in the past compared to now; old movies; domestic abuse in old movies; Peter Pan cartoon is racist; old Popeye cartoons have rapist undertones; old cartoons are violent; New York’s wealth is making it boring; Los Angeles is more diverse than New York; people who work in finance; Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims from New York; rumor that Fox News was banned in Canada unless it was branded as entertainment; alternative news sources; Mayor Bloomberg; Mayor Giuliani getting rid of strip clubs and porno movie theaters in New York; the New York 60/40 law; no one who lives in New York is from New York; New York is the financial center of the world; does New York or Los Angeles have hotter women; there are no creative people in New York; New York is safer now; real estate in New York; why Judah stays in New York; comedy in New York vs. Los Angeles; comedy in Denver; Los Angeles comedy; Ari’s This is Not Happening comedy show; LA comedy clubs; more talk about New York and Los Angeles; Radiolab “The Living Room” podcast; watching your neighbors; Austin, Texas is awesome; comedy in Texas; doing stand-up at colleges; being told you have to censor your stand-up material; hecklers at colleges; college students think they know everything; people never think they’re wrong; hunting rules; gun control concerns; mental health issues with mass shooters; murder is down but mass shootings are up; people buy more guns after mass shootings; there’s no testing to own a gun but there is to drive a car; it’s harder to buy Sudafed than a gun; social media; working on the road; Judah is bad at business and selling things; what he wants to do in the future; turning down Comedy Central for a stand-up special; Judah’s trust issues; fear of bloggers and people online; girls who want to see him because he’s a celebrity; woman who wanted to follow Judah around on a date to write an article about him; why are people on social media if not for promotional purposes; seeing a girl who had a boyfriend; acting in an unnatural way on social media; doing stand-up to a crowd of paid back-up actors; the presence of a camera changes reality; everyone has flaws but people hide them on social media.

My Thoughts: Surprised to see this guy on Joe’s podcast. They talk a lot about New York, Los Angeles, and the comedy world.

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