The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 719 with Josh Olin

Episode Number: 719
Episode Guest: Josh Olin
Original Airdate: November 4, 2015
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Guest Bio: Josh Olin is currently Vice President of Communications at 3D Realms, a video game publisher/developer. He also previously worked as the community manager for various games, including Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Topics Discussed: Josh getting fired for his comments about Donald Sterling; peoples’ outrage standards are very low; people should be allowed to say what they want in their own homes without getting in trouble; how he learned he was fired; outrage culture; we don’t know who we’re talking to and reading on the internet; there are a lot of morons on the internet; social justice warriors love to get people fired; environments are being created where you can’t say things that would offend people; feminists shutting down debate; feminist who said she “eats men for breakfast”; people like to be on teams; a feminist called Joe a men’s rights activist; women are hated in the gaming community; hiring quotas to ensure balance; Ronda Rousey being asked about pay equality in the UFC; Jennifer Lawrence’s pay gap between Bradley Cooper in American Hustle; Joe having multiple jobs to ensure he can say what he wants; people signing deals where they can’t express their opinions online or control their own social media accounts; being afraid of speaking your opinion out of fear of losing your job; relationship between Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano; Donald Trump running for president; news and mainstream media is a money-making machine; traditional journalism vs. online journalism; Julian Assange and Edward Snowden; traditional journalism will become obsolete; the Justine Sacco incident; Lindsay Stone screaming at Arlington Cemetery photo; “In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry From Lions” article; the future will have a brain-to-brain interface where we can read each others’ thoughts; Elon Musk’s thoughts on artificial intelligence; Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project; there is no incentive in a resource-based economy; possibility of alien invasion in the past or future; aliens are our future selves; critical thinking and the lack thereof; scientists may have found evidence of a parallel universe; we know nothing about our universe and can’t wrap our heads around the concept of its infinite size;  we are connecting more with people online but less with people in real life; positive feedback online is like a drug; human behavior is the most complex version of human nature; what happened and what Josh did after getting fired; what his new job at 3D Realms is; Bombshell game; the story of Duke Nukem Forever; the Duke Nukem character is outdated today; updating the Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison character; Bombshell trailer; Josh explains Bombshell to Joe; video games give you hundreds of hours of entertainment and are a bigger bang for your buck compared to movies; the video game industry makes more money than the movie industry; porn only makes money from hotel rentals; preparing for feminist blowback about the Bombshell video game; thoughts about virtual reality technology; first person shooters and Occulus Rift; omnidirectional treadmills; losing weight playing Dance Dance Revolution and virtual reality games; video of people reacting to playing Alien Isolation VR video game; some people will prefer virtual reality life to real life; Pong video game; what will games be like in the future; Occulus Rift’s potential for movie applications; being able to hold things and seeing your hands while playing a game; Microsoft Hololens; new Magic Leap video demonstration with girl sitting at deskMagic Leap flying whale video; Joe getting addicted to the internet; kids today won’t know life before the internet; more good than bad is coming from the internet; people attacking comedians; stand-up comedy needs freedom of speech; the video game industry is still young; games don’t cause people to be more violent; people always want to find a scapegoat for the actions of crazy people.

My Thoughts: I assumed this guy would come on to talk about video games, but it was mostly about how he got fired for a tweet, and they spoke about feminists and social justice warriors. The last 45 minutes is about gaming and technology.

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