The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 593 with Josh Fox

Episode Number: 593
Episode Guest: Josh Fox
Original Airdate: December 29, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Higher Primate

Guest Bio: Josh Fox is a film director and environmental activist, best known for his Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland and its sequel Gasland II.

Topics Discussed: Leaks; loss of product; landscape damage; methane leaks; response to the film; genesis of the movie; denying science; religion and the right wing; attacks on his films; carbon budget; eliminating the oil dependency; how to stop using coal and natural gas; air quality; brake dust; New York fracking ban; cleaning after fracking; toxic waste; the Amazon; America is not a democracy; fracking review public comments; worst fracking state; burning natural gas; health problems for fracking employees; fatalities; truck accidents; exemptions for the oil and gas industry; North Dakota; using wind power; droughts; desalination; Tesla cars; boring cars; car talk; airplane emissions; smog in China; optimism; depression; debating; interviews; Dish, Texas; non-disclosure agreements; settlements; New York anti-fracking victory; Pennsylvania; conservatives; personal backlash; smoking cigarettes; cursing; The Overnighters.

My Thoughts: I haven’t seen either of this guy’s documentaries but I’m curious now. Looking at some comments online, his films seem to be pretty divisive. People think this guy is accurately portraying fracking and the oil industry while others think his movies are full of lies, but your opinion likely lies wherever you’d place yourself on the political spectrum.

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