The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 678 with Jonathan Ward

Episode Number: 678
Episode Guest: Jonathan Ward
Original Airdate: August 6, 2015
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter, NatureBox, Onnit

Guest Bio: Jonathan Ward is the owner of ICON and a designer and creator of coach-built premium automobiles.

Topics Discussed: ICON Ford Bronco conversions; his business; Jay Leno’s garage; ICON Toyota Land Cruiser conversions; Ford Bronco; FJ62; why he does it; contagious passion; vehicle manufacturing planned obsolescence; Japanese cars; engineering cars to break; visiting Cuba; old Cuban cars; derelict cars; modern cars; navigation systems; Lotus cars; Porsches; Singer cars; buying FJ40s; how he started his business; being inspired by other craftsmen; woodworking; Restoration Hardware ripped off Navy chair design;  capitalism; plagiarism; education; cost of business; Spark by Frank Koller book; cars with matching numbers; DeSoto cars; not keeping cars stock; building his own cars; kit cars; Icon Helios car; cost of re-engineering; self-driving cars; manual transmissions; loss of individualism with modern cars; what excites him about modern cars; taking trips; charity work; Detroit airport; Detroit renaissance.

My Thoughts: I’m not a car guy at all but I was actually familiar with ICON before I listened to this podcast. Jonathan does really cool work. Interesting enough even if you’re not a car guy. Short podcast, which is nice. Wish I could afford an ICON Bronco.

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