The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 868 with John Dudley

Episode Number: 868
Episode Guest: John Dudley
Original Airdate: November 4, 2016
Episode Sponsors: DIFF Eyewear, Casper, Onnit

Guest Bio: Joe and John Dudley sat down to do an audio-only podcast while on a recent hunting trip in Iowa.

Topics Discussed: Bowhunting deer in Iowa; Joe’s close encounter with a deer; a deer took a nap under their tree stand; deer rutting; deer antlers and velvet; hunting in Iowa; Help Us Stop Hunger; ear problems from hunting and shooting firearms; cauliflower ears; Caitlyn Jenner; Rafael dos Anjos; weightcutting; Joe thinks weightcutting should be eliminated; Donald Cerrone looks better at 170 lbs.; Cris Justino; MMA weight classes for women; UFC’s weight classes; fighters should fight at their natural weights and stop dehydrating themselves; Roy Nelson is fat but isn’t out of shape; hunting is a mental game; Joe talks about bowhunting and compares it to martial arts competition; archery compared to bowhunting; archery is a martial art; John worked with Oakley to test the strength of their helmets; Mongol thumb rings; Mongols and bows and arrows; recurve bow history; John was given a Mongol bow as a gift; John rode an old man while shooting a bow; archery is rewarding but requires a great deal of effort; Lars Andersen video debunked; how many people the Mongols killed; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast; compound bows; John’s Nock On podcast; how Joe and John met; Felt bikes; hypothermia; Merino wool clothes are amazing; more talk about how Joe and John met; John’s podcast; competitive target archery; elk talk; Irish elk; Haast’s eagle; hunting in New Zealand; what they’ve eaten; Joe is going to take Bill Burr pig hunting; people don’t mind killing pigs/boars because they’re ugly; pig talk; hunting pigs; Pigman and Ted Nugent shooting pigs from a helicopter; bears; languages; John’s travel for archery; Mexico; John is addicted to Onnit supplements and lived off them for 30 days; exercising after a flight; Alpha Brain; New Mood; Onnit steel clubs; John is working with Onnit to develop an exercise program for archers/bowhunters; kettlebells; more talk about exercising for archery; chin-ups are important; hanging and shoulder health/strength; strength training for perfect form in front bow shoulder video; archery clubs in Europe.

My Thoughts: Talk about their hunting trip, MMA, the history of bows, the Mongols, general archery and bowhunting talk, animals, game meat, and exercising.

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