The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1089 with John Dudley

Episode Number: 1089
Episode Guest: John Dudley
Original Airdate: March 7, 2018
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, ZipRecruiter, Square Cash

Guest Bio: John Dudley is a professional archer and host of Nock On TV. Check out his podcast Nock On available on Apple Podcasts.

Topics Discussed: The Civil War and memorials; is there memory in certain places; JonBenet Ramsey’s house; ghosts; Ciro’s/The Comedy Store; Joe’s werewolf; Bigfoot talk; computer special effects vs. practical special effects; childhood toys talk; John’s son beat up his Peter Pan doll; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves movie; axis deer; are faster animals more delicious; Joe talks about his cooking methods; Buck, Buck, Moose book; The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game book; more talk about cooking and grilling; solo backcountry hunting talk; posting pictures on social media; competition; being in the business of yourself; exercise and balancing the body; Joe talks about playing pool; Onnit Protein Bites; fasting before workouts in the morning; Joe’s podcast with Mel Gibson; they talk about their stem cell treatments from Dr. Rodney McGee; injuries from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; John is afraid of trying BJJ; John talks about his workouts; The Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer; (they start drinking whiskey); There Will Be Blood movie; types of hunters; John talks more about his injuries from archery; (1:00:00) Joe gets massages from a Thai woman who walks on his back; Stem Cell Institute Panama; more stem cell treatment talk; platelet-rich plasma; John talks about a steak dinner; food in Las Vegas; Gordon Ramsay and his TV shows; controlled situations are important for an (archery) beginner; MMA gym brawls; not knowing how to do something is crucial for movement and growing; people know you when they see you doing something difficult; Jocko Willink “Good” motivational video; Joe thinks listening to music while running is cheating; guy carving calluses off his foot with a knife while his dog eats them video; Metallica talk; people getting their fingers injured due to wearing a wedding ring; getting a tattoo of a wedding ring rather than wearing a ring; silicon wedding rings; technology eavesdropping on your conversations to serve you targeted advertising; more stem cell treatment talk; Joe talks about his knee injuries; Barbell Apparel Jeansscientists grow bullish on pig to human transplants; talk about domesticated house pets; rabbits compared to dogs; Watership Down movie; HECS stealth clothing; Forrest Galante; electromagnetic fields and animals; bee talk; bees can sense the electric fields of flowers; Black Mirror Netflix show; science is crazy; (2:00:00) innovation is never ending; HTC Vive; do violent video games desensitize people; John’s son is in school to become a veterinarian; there’s no way to learn life from reading a book; more discussion about the future; gender talk; John talks about going to India and feeling out of place; there were two dead bodies on the train John was riding in India; talk about teaching archery to people in India; people in poor countries try harder than people in the United States; John accidentally burned his childhood house to the ground; he focused on becoming a good athlete to make his dad proud and earn his respect; hearing negative things about himself from other archers; use the bad things that happen in your life as motivation; we learn from each other and accumulate data; David Goggins; LeBron James; former NBA coach Byron Scott reveals the first moment he knew an 18-year-old Kobe Bryant was going to take over the league; Kobe Bryant makes free throws after tearing Achilles’s tendon; John knows he doesn’t have as much talent as some archers; you limit your talent when you focus on what others are doing; people complaining about the success of other people; life isn’t fair; Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie; Jurassic World movie; Chris Pratt ignites criticism after posting photo of lamb meat; link between processed meat and cancer; the food chain and interaction between predator and prey; “Mother Nature” is a form of karma; wild animals and diseases from nature; epizootic hemorrhagic disease; (Joe goes pee); Jamie is trying to make money streaming video games on Twitch; John talks about playing video games online and how it can help with competition; (John goes pee); Joe talks to himself about archery; theHunter: Call of the Wild video game; John talks about someone he knows who says she married the Eiffel Tower; France to set legal age of consent to 15(3:00:00) men having sex with children was common centuries ago; more ranting about France’s legal age of consent; John talks about going to France for hunting; the heaviest load John ever carried was a moose; Joe talks about Remi Warren carrying meat for days; Joe rants about how people are shielded from where their meat comes from; people attacking others for what they do; people who haven’t experienced hardship don’t appreciate the good times; talk about Onnit Primal Bells and kettlebells; John feels inadequate compared to Joe; Joe talks about exercises he does; club bells; John went to the Onnit Academy Gym; John went to Texas to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey; Texas talk; there are more tigers in American backyards than in the wild; Buc-ee’s; Chuck Norris Action Jeans; Joe got into martial arts because of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris; Joe talks about meeting Chuck Norris; Lone Wolf McQuade movie; the parents of John’s wife wanted to name her Bruce Lee if she was a boy; talk about names; names that both a man and woman can have; name short forms; pixie frogs; rabbits; python tries to eat deer, vomits it out whole; python bursts after eating alligator; people complaining about being fat; fasting for 16 hours; talk about their diets; John talks about a guy pouring tons of sugar into his coffee; more talk about sugar.

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