The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 852 with John Anthony West

Episode Number: 852
Episode Guest: John Anthony West
Original Airdate: September 27, 2016
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Guest Bio: John Anthony West is an author, lecturer, guide, and a proponent of Sphinx water erosion hypothesis in geology.

Topics Discussed: The wobble of the earth caused by a dwarf star; rain in Egypt and water erosion on the Sphinx; ancient astrology; the number 72; procession of the equinoxes; ancient architecture; nuclear glass; myth; how knowledge was passed through stories in the past; hieroglyphs; people 34,000 years ago were very advanced; why did Egypt produce so many smart people; pharaohs; people who dismiss JAW’s theories; Gobekli Tepe; differences in construction techniques; people want to achieve immortality; afterlife experiences; The Dead Saints Chronicles book; JAW talks about his psychedelic experiences; is an experience in your mind a real experience; humans desire immortality; the afterlife; religion; more immortality talk; did pharaohs live for hundreds of years; Egyptians believed the stars are enlightened souls; why were ancient Egyptians so advanced; you can’t understand Egypt until you go there; influence of Egypt on other civilizations; what construction methods did the Egyptians have; ancient Egypt and illumination/lighting; copper tools; don’t be afraid to go to Egypt; why is Egypt so unique compared to the rest of the world; JAW says we’re worse now than we were many years ago; longing for nostalgia; we are more aware than ever before; Ancient Aliens TV show; what doesn’t the average person know about Egypt; Joe talks about going to St. Peter’s Basilica again; the King’s Chamber; sound passing through the Great Pyramid; JAW is a guide and does Egypt trips with people; JAW’s five horsemen of the apocalypse; democracy in America; technology ruins creativity; technology is amoral; entertainment is a waste of time; JAW’s thoughts on comedy; why they keep rebuilding/repairing the Sphinx; JAW explains pictures of Sphinx erosion; who built the Sphinx; who built the face of the Sphinx; has the Sphinx face changed over time or been chiseled away/recarved; Library of Alexandria; chamber in the paw of the Sphinx; replacing the limestone on the Great Pyramid of Giza to return it to its original state; head of Khafre; more talk about the age of the Sphinx; Pyramid of Khafre; Red Pyramid; JAW was diving in Egypt; talk about caves in France; more talk about stuff I can’t see because I’m listening to the podcast and I can’t see his slides, really interesting stuff if you–like most people–listen to podcasts rather than watch them; bracelet found in Turkey; JAW wants a farm; ancient civilizations and astronomy; I’m starting to tune out listening to him at this point; more talk about ancient civilizations and astronomy; ancient Sumerians, clay tablets, and the solar system; Gobekli Tepe; dwarf star beyond Pluto; large planet beyond Pluto; hidden chambers in the Sphinx; there are things in Egypt that haven’t been discovered; are people coming around to his theories; putting his documentaries on Netflix; the internet is killing traditional television.

My Thoughts: John does a lot of rambling and it’s hard to take notes, but I did my best when possible. He’s got some strange theories about things. This podcast should likely be watched rather than listened to because he shows a bunch of slides and talks about them for the last hour.

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