The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 827 with Joe Rogan

Episode Number: 827
Episode Guest: Joe Rogan
Original Airdate: July 29, 2016
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter,, Ting, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Joe sits down in a hotel room in Atlanta to answer some questions from fans on Twitter.

Topics Discussed: Joe forgot where he was going in the airport; Joe complains about a kid and his fat mom on the plane; Joe talks about Ian McCall and his UFC 201 fight getting pulled; Joe talks about The Laughing Skull club in Atlanta and writing new material after recording a special; how to help Gov. Gary Johnson; Joe plans to do live podcasts while watching the presidential election and debates; Joe talks about the presidential race and politics; Steven Crowder’s video of Hillary Clinton lying; Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer calling each other fat; Bert drinks boxes of wine; Your Mom’s House Podcast; doing a podcast about the Doom video game; Joe explains Twitch and streaming video games; getting better at something by watching others; Joe talks about playing Quake and watching Quake players back in the day; Joe was obsessed with Quake; Joe talks about repeating himself so much on the podcast; Joe talks about someone who was obsessed with EverQuest; playing video games is a waste of time; StarCraft tournaments; games that people don’t appreciate; the KKK has wizards; Joshua Waitzkin; chess and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Marcelo Garcia; more talk about BJJ and catch wrestling; who will commentate international Pay-Per-View UFC events that he doesn’t want to do; Joe explains why he cut back on working with the UFC; jet lag; Joe wants to avoid things that make him feel shitty; Joe talks about the UFC sale and why he decided to stay working with the UFC; Joe talks about the Fermi paradox and the Drake equation; humans are becoming integrated with technology; downloading our consciousness into a computer; is life in a computer really life; Joe talks about psychedelics; is an experience real if it only happens in your brain; things that are alien to us were normal in the past; creating an unimaginable alternate reality; we don’t know what the future will really be like; feeling how someone else feels; more talk about the future and technology merging with humans; creating infinite alternate dimensions; Joe doesn’t think our future includes our physical bodies; artificial intelligence is inevitable; Joe thinks there are 11 dimensions; imagination; what if ideas are alive; talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; the two-party system isn’t working; Bill Clinton fell asleep during Hillary’s speech; Joe talks about doing a solo podcast; Joe talks about Bill Burr and his podcast.

My Thoughts: Joe did a solo Twitter Q&A podcast but barely answers any questions. He starts to answer questions and then goes off on a tangent and meanders from one topic to another. For instance, he answers a question about doing a Doom podcast and somehow winds up talking about two BJJ competitors grappling in Brazil.

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