The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 931 with Jim Norton

Episode Number: 931
Episode Guest: Jim Norton
Original Airdate: March 14, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron, MeUndies, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jim Norton is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, author, and actor. His latest special Mouthful of Shame is available now on Netflix.

Topics Discussed: Wearing headphones with one ear off; Henry Rollins talk; people who think they’re better than you because they know something you don’t; learning things from movies or TV shows; feeling smarter if you learn something from a book; audio books compared to books; reading; American Serengeti book; wildlife in America in the past; antelope; elephants; deer; animals fighting; Joe saw two elk fight each other; fighting to mate; dressing to go to the gym; Jim dated a personal trainer; lusting after someone and then having sex with them; cumming fast; Jim’s not sure if he wants babies or a relationship; comedians dating comedians; being friends before dating someone; Jim flies girls in to spend time with him; a girl stuck her hand in Jim’s mouth and he liked it; fucking a drunk girl when sober; getting older and not wanting to hook up with a drunk girl; making someone feel bad sticks with you; making people feel great through comedy; stages of being physical; fucking someone in the ass; being a pervert; girls Googling Jim; girls looking for Jim; most men live lives of quiet desperation; Colin Moriarty makes joke about A Day Without a Woman, gets called a racist, has to quit his job; people are too sensitive and are always ready to jump down someone’s throat; “to the moon Alice!” from The Honeymooners; shows and movies you couldn’t make today; National Lampoon’s Vacation movie; importance of Roseanne Barr; people don’t read articles, just headlines; shame; going after people who shame others; fat shaming; fat people; more Colin Moriarty talk; virtue signalling; working out bits about current events on stage; boring subjects to talk about; meaty pussy; labiaplasty; Anthony Cumia likes tight young girls; labiaplasty scars; monacles; glasses and eye problems; Lasik surgery; bodies breaking down; enjoying life and work; luxury problems; most people hate their jobs; talk about Jim’s UFC Uncensored podcast with Matt Serra; interviewing someone with an interpreter; Francis Ngannou; Derrick Lewis; getting kicked in the stomach; Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell knockout; Chuck Liddell’s style; Demetrious Johnson; (1:00:00) Chuck Liddell saw Jim do stand-up and heckled him; Jim wants to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but is always tired; Anthony Bourdain started BJJ at 58; more Bourdain talk; Matt Serra’s BJJ skills; Jim’s tendinitis and diet; getting injured; stem cell therapy and back problems; weightlifting helps joint pain; hand claps in songs; songs that sound like they’re from a certain era; listening to old songs; recorded music through the ages; someone singing a song to you; Jim likes sappy music; calling someone a bad name; Jim’s scared he’ll cheat if he gets married; marriage is stupid because people change; having a child is the biggest commitment; divorce is devastating; Joe talks about Dave Foley‘s divorce again; (Jim takes a piss); Ari Shaffir is missing; Jim pees a lot; pissing in the middle of the night; Jim pissed 12 times while watching Logan; Jim talks about how much he pisses and getting checked for diabetes; Jim thinks too much; the smarter you are the more nervous you’ll be; isolation exercises aren’t good because they don’t work the whole body; Jim talks about his weightlifting and exercising routine; Joe and Jim have sleep apnea; Onnit Melatonin spray; checking your phone in the night; shutting off your phone; tech addiction; not responding to text messages; Jim is addicted to Chaturbate; fear of missing out; Joe talks about being addicted to pool; trying to get laid and failing; Chris D’Elia; Jim is into big feet on women; Jim talks about his serious relationships; fighting; feeling humiliated; Jim would trap girls by asking them questions; Jim wanted to see a video of his ex getting banged by a dude with a huge dick; Jim is addicted to being humiliated and disrespected; Jim talks about telling a girl about his past with trans people; Jim can only say “I love you” to strangers; Jim likes a relationship with a lack of risk; Jim’s ex had a fantasy about fucking a pony; horse dicks; women riding horses; Jim likes to pet animals; political correctness and gender pronouns; people that get mad when you talk about something you aren’t; talk about people who feel like they’re another gender; sexual reassignment surgery; orgasms; the lead up to sex; edging; Jim getting shit from transgender people; people like to get mad; Trump is a Twitter troll; Trump’s feud with Rosie O’Donnell; recreational outrage; walking through the New York Trump protests to UFC 200; more Trump talk; bathroom talk; (2:00:00) creeps will find their ways through cracks; changing the gender on your birth certificate; people need time to adjust to others changing genders; people are weird; people who say mean things to you online; people are looking to be offended; reporters who back Trump into a corner; Trump can’t admit he was wrong; you learn how to lose in BJJ; more Matt Serra talk; more BJJ talk; video of Jim getting kicked by Jon Jones; Jim getting punched and choked by Jon Jones video; Joe says Jim should make a show about him learning BJJ; Jim goes to the gym four days per week; why Jim does morning radio; Jim’s schedule; Seinfeld is still doing jokes from 20 years ago; doing a special and abandoning the material; more talk about holding onto material; writing a book; writing for Time magazine; prostitution compared to sex trafficking; being ashamed of sex; massages are okay but not anything sexual; massage parlors; girls forced into prostitution; people getting married for money is a form of prostitution; marrying an athlete; genetic testing; Babe Ruth; Ty Cobb; Cobb movie; athletes and competition; Mike Tyson talk; George Foreman talk; boxing talk; (Jim pisses again while Joe talks about boxing); Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Daniel Cormier rematch talk; Khabib Nurmagomedov talk; weight cutting issues; Kelvin Gastelum talk; guys who move up a weight class to their natural weight; Joe thinks there should be more weight classes; UFC 210 talk; Joe rants about weight cutting again; cutting out sugar is hard; ice cream talk; Jim wants to have abs; Jim works with a trainer because he feels like he’s lazy; Joe tells Jim he’s not lazy at all; Jim’s schedule; people need eight hours of sleep; sleep and drinking water is non-negotiable; posing for pictures; Netflix is amazing for comedians; Netflix doesn’t share its numbers; Jim wants to do a special every year or 18 months; being fueled by negative thoughts; doing things you enjoy; more Chaturbate talk; Kelvin Gastelum vs. Anderson Silva talk.

My Thoughts: Great, fun podcast that bounces all over the place.

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