The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 812 with Russell Brand and Jim Breuer

Episode Number: 812
Episode Guest: Russell Brand and Jim Breuer
Original Airdate: June 21, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit,, LegalZoom, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Russell Brand is an English stand-up comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. Jim Breuer is a stand-up comedian, actor, author, singer, and host.

Topics Discussed: Ancient mythology and symbolism; shared consciousness; Joseph Campbell; Joe talks about doing DMT; Kundalini yoga; Mark Mahoney; Russell talks about doing drugs and being sober; Joe’s addictive tendencies; Joe talks about bowhunting; competitive archers; teaching someone to shoot a bow and arrow; Russell talks about doing yoga and exercising; new ways of being a man; English accents in movies and TV shows; Russell does kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; taking chances and learning new things; Joe talks about doing yoga; humility; doing yoga while high; Russell talks about his past drug use; enlightenment and getting high on life; more talk about consciousness; is Russell getting back the good that he’s putting out; talk about art and life; talk about social media and hate from faceless people; consciousness inequality; jealousy and envy; the constant need to evolve; we are what we eat; we are disconnected from what it means to be human; toxic celebrity; the essence of problems; overcoming our nature; celebrity isn’t real; the pull of addiction; not worrying about fame; the function of therapy; accepting reality; going zen; realizing you will die; Jim talks about learning about death; Russell talks about helping people with learning disabilities; Johnny Depp and Amber Heard situation; Hollywood Vampires; dressing like a rock star; Joe talks about the friendship of Johnny Depp and Doug Stanhope; levels of celebrity; Russell talks about doing Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise and talking about communism with him; dictatorships; religious cults; more communism talk; chimp societies; we should be living in manageable communities; becoming connected with people; tribes and polygamy/monogamy; Joe and Jim talk about their daughters; inner programming; examining your life; bringing compassion to people; Tom Cruise didn’t try to convert Russell to Scientology; Going Clear documentary; L. Ron Hubbard has written more books than anyone else; L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology talk; the cycle of life and The Big Bang; the mystery of life; consciousness is the seed of everything; culture is affecting the worst aspects of our nature; materialism; consciousness and technology; our new God is money and success; we’re not designed for this much information; reality TV show editing; imitating patterns and our surroundings; progression and innovation; forgetting powerful, important moments; we can only remember a handful of people; Dunbar’s number; spiritual evolution; being still; letting go of negative experiences; more talk about our desire for material possessions; influences on the mind; Jim talks about having Joe on his radio show; Jim talks about being on radio; Opie and Anthony‘s problems with Sirius/XM; Joe and Jim talk about Jim’s radio show; spending time with friends; absorbing different points of view; one person can change the world if they don’t care about who gets the credit; humility and humor; people are against humor because of its power; the left mocks the right; lack of compassion from people on the left; being negative is more fun than being positive; Joe talks about what he’s learned from doing a podcast and how the podcast has evolved; being inspired by the radio shows of Opie and Anthony and Howard Stern; the power of the internet and podcasts; bad experiences doing a podcast; listening to people vs. waiting for your turn to talk; Joe only holds back private, personal information on his podcast; if you have “fuck you” money and don’t say “fuck you”, you’re wasting the opportunity; Joe wants to do stuff that he enjoys rather than work more; how does someone get out of their average, mundane life; making time to change your existence; becoming a threat; Terence McKenna talk; Joe talks about Bill Hicks; Noam Chomsky; more talk about Hicks and his comedy; comedy and authenticity; Sam Kinison talk; comedy doesn’t have to punch up; Brother Sam book and Sam Kinison’s head trauma from a car accident; talk about how brain trauma can alter your personality; foreign accent syndrome.

My Thoughts: Russell talks very fast and is very verbose. I normally listen to podcasts at 2.5x speed but had to bring it down just to attempt to understand what the fuck he’s saying.

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The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 811 with Jim Breuer

Episode Number: 811
Episode Guest: Jim Breuer
Original Airdate: June 21, 2016
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, Squarespace, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jim Breuer is a stand-up comedian, actor, author, singer, and host. Check out his podcast The Metal in Me and his new rock album Songs from the Garage available on iTunes now.

Topics Discussed: Jim talks about knowing Joe in the past and watching his career grow; working on the Hardball TV show; talk about experimenting with marijuana as a teen; pill addictions; doctors are drug dealers; you have to be honest with your kids; adults drink around kids but don’t smoke weed; Jim talks about having a beer with his dad; the desire to protect your kids; Jim talks about his sister; replaying arguments in your mind; bad thoughts can grow in your mind; positive and negative interactions online; abortion; sex education in school; we don’t need/want to reproduce anymore; we don’t need a president but everyone needs to be cool with each other; John F. Kennedy assassination; manipulation to gain control; JFK secret societies speech; Chuck Barris; how presidents and politicians talk; how Obama disappointed Joe; Ron Paul; NSA surveillance; the guy who broke into the White House; Skull and Bones secret society; Skull and Bones members; George Bush isn’t from Texas; Donald Trump “the wall just got 10-feet higher” video; Trump’s hair and skin; people want to submit to a strong man; people like that Trump calls people out; Trump is like a pro wrestling manager; Donald Trump in the WWE; Bobcat Goldthwait believes in Bigfoot; Gigantopithicus; mountain gorillas; Congo; encountering an animal for the first time; Jim talks about going to Tanzania; Joe talks about poaching in Africa; hyenas; talk about horses in North America; talk about Australia; Native Americans in Mexico; short-faced bear; talk about bears and buffalos; the bear scene in The Revenant; talk about bears; Rutgers student bear attack; bear swims in family pool video; bear fight in Rockaway, New Jersey video; the Jersey Devil; alligators in Florida; alligator climbs fence video; alligator at Splash Mountain in Disney video; Nile crocodiles in Florida; more alligator talk; eating alligator; not all life is sacred; Joe talks about his chickens; dogs are wolves; Chupacabra; dogs with mange; coyotes killing humans; straight edge guys who listen to heavy music; grown men slam dancing; talk about time travelling to any point in history; Game of Thrones editor killed by lion; getting killed by a lion; sales in guns go up after mass shootings; lion’s revenge on trophy hunter fake video; Zimbabwe has to cull 200 lions; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; “In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions” article; feeling bad about tragic events; dealing with aging; doctor’s illegible handwriting causes death; Jim’s wife was given the wrong chemo drugs for her cancer; people dying from malpractice; looking up medical ailments on Google; what if your next door neighbor was a zookeeper; (Jim makes animal noises); what if you got attacked by chimps while sleeping in a Land Rover; (Jim makes more animal noises); why elephants are killed and hunted; Jim talks about being charged by elephants in Africa; cobras; how antivenom is made; vegans; factory farming; Brett Michaels’ bandanas; Guns n’ Roses reunion; Jim talks about realizing wrestling was fake; Dave Grohl breaks leg during show; Soaked in Bleach documentary; reenactments in movies.

My Thoughts: Jim does a lot of voices and characters. Joe talks about the same stuff he always talks about, like gorillas, alligators, hunting, bears, lions, vegans, and factory farming. This podcast would likely be better to watch rather than listen to, just to see Jim’s face as he’s doing his characters.

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