The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 858 with Jesse Ventura

Episode Number: 858
Episode Guest: Jesse Ventura
Original Airdate: October 13, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Onnit,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jesse Ventura is a former Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, actor, political commentator, author, and politician who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.

Topics Discussed: Jesse Ventura likes fanny packs; Jesse carries a concealed gun everywhere; Jesse talks about getting the law changed in Minnesota for conceal and carry; Ferdinand Marcos, dictator in Philippines, took away all guns under penalty of death; Hillary Clinton is against marijuana legalization; marijuana cured the seizures of someone in Jesse’s life; talk about the history of marijuana/hemp in America; Mexicans aren’t lazy; property taxes in Mexico; Jesse lives off the grid in Mexico four months of the year but doesn’t speak Spanish; drug laws in Mexico; Navy SEAL divers, seizures, and ketogenic diets; rivalries in the military; Jesse talks about the Chris Kyle controversy; Chris Kyle’s lies; talk about the Chris Kyle trial; Jesse talks about meeting Chris Kyle; Jesse can’t get a job now because of Chris Kyle; Jesse thought about running for president; Jesse was sergeant-in-arms of the Mongols motorcycle club; Jesse explains motorcycle club rankings; Jesse’s nickname was “Superman”; the Mongols motorcycle club wasn’t racist because it was 75% Latino; Jesse talks about his motorcycles; Jesse talks about having dreadlocks and dyed hair; riding his motorcycle without a helmet; convertibles and roll bars; Tesla cars; Jesse has never owned a cell phone and doesn’t have a computer; more Chris Kyle talk; he has spent over a million dollars trying to clear his name; America treated its Vietnam vets terribly and Jesse wouldn’t tell people he fought in the war; more American Sniper talk; the government/military is more powerful than God; talk about George Bush and the Iraq war; Jesse is an atheist; Horus; ridiculous stories from the bible; Obama talk; Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq; the political system is based on bribery; Jesse thinks America is heading in the same direction as the Nazis; Joe tries to talk Jesse into running for president; Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump wanted the same things; conspiracy theorists; Jesse thinks the moon landing was real; real conspiracy theories; JFK assassination talk; Whitewash books; memories are unreliable; Best Evidence book; mysterious deaths of people related to the JFK assassination; Me & Lee book; Lee Harvey Oswald talk; Jesse uses marijuana; Jesse’s hip problems; running and the impact on the body; running in sand; Jesse talks about his SEAL training; what led Jesse to write his new book Marijuana Manifesto; the Jacob Wetterling case; Jesse thinks the DEA should stop going after marijuana and go after sex crimes; child molestation and the Catholic church; how the sugar industry paid off scientists to blame fats; water in fluoride; Jesse got fired from the WWF because he owned the trademark to his name and wouldn’t sign it over to Vince McMahon; more fluoride talk; bottled water is a scam and Nestle is stealing water from the great lakes; Jesse becoming governor; Jesse’s accent; Michael Phelps and marijuana; grandma was raided for one pot plant; Jesse tells the story of a little girl who called the police about her brother’s bag of weed; Jesse cleaned criminal records of marijuana convictions.

My Thoughts: I like Jesse Ventura and I enjoyed this podcast. Marijuana, JFK assassination, fluoride in drinking water, Nestle bottled water, and other topics are covered.

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