The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 748 with Jenny Johnson

Episode Number: 748
Episode Guest: Jenny Johnson
Original Airdate: January 20, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jenny Johnson is a comedian and writer, known for her Twitter feed where she’s gained over 400,000 followers.

Topics Discussed: How she chose her Twitter name; Magic Johnson getting HIV; Charlie Sheen getting HIV; candy flipping and mixing drugs; Two and a Half Men TV show; Chuck Lorre; Keeping Up With the Kardashians TV show; celebrities are boring; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; bad celebrity interviews; television interviews; Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan; Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan; Jenny working as a news producer; Jenny working as a stand-up; working with newscasters; news anchor says “jigaboo music” on television; interviewing civilians for the news; Nightcrawler movie; woman accusing her cousin of arson video; Bernie Sanders; Donald Trump banned from the UK for hate speech; the war on terror; foreign terrorists compared to domestic terrorists; people are worried about being Islamaphobic yet mock Christians; L. Ron Hubbard wrote the most books ever; Tom Cruise wins Scientology award; Florida is full of people who escaped the east coast; Houston, Texas; comedy scene in Houston; doing comedy opening for a musician; comedy clubs and new comedians; finding spots; Houston comedy scene; being a Twitter comedian; following people on Twitter; finding people on Twitter; too many people are on Twitter; Tom from MySpace; Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook; people stalking you online; people online telling you what to do; men online; her parents and her childhood; oil spills; Fukushima; her dad dying from cancer; intimacy online and people who think they know you; getting dick pics online; Joe getting vagina pics; image filters; Dane Cook’s Instagram; humblebragging online; posed Instagram pictures; The Rock’s Instagram; video of an Instagram account with millions of followers; phone notifications; Anthony Bourdain’s rules for dinner; kids and cell phones/tablets; people distracted by technology; technology addiction; Justine Sacco’s Tweet about getting AIDS; DraftKings and online betting; Lumosity’s false advertising; people and patterns and routines; exercising before a show; handball is good for the mind; Alzheimer’s disease; Radiolab “Raising Crane” podcast on whooping cranes; stimulating the brain and trying new things; Joe’s obsessions; yoga; exercising; stand-up is challenging; writing and performing new material; her allergies; humidity in Houston during the summer; dry air is bad for the skin; why she likes California; what Joe doesn’t like about Los Angeles; phoniness of LA people; Kony 2012; Jason Russell’s (Kony 2012) naked meltdown; phony activism; celebrities can’t be conservative; moving to Los Angeles when you’re young and trying to fit in; As Good as It Gets movie; being dumb in Hollywood; fading success; Chris Brown attacked Jenny on Twitter; Chris Brown beating Rihanna; talented people are crazy; what kind of music she’s into; Soaked in Bleach documentary; botched police investigation in Cobain’s death; Joe seeing Scott Weiland at Dana White’s birthday party; heroin; musicians who have died at 27; Mitch Hedberg; following a comedian with a different style; bombing at The Comedy Store; The Source Family documentary; hang gliding; wingsuit flying; hoverboards; Stephen Dorff’s Blu e-cigarette commercial; marijuana vape pens; weed edibles; bad edible experiences; Joe was a judge at the Cannabis Cup; marijuana people and the cannabis community; getting too high; eating marijuana compared to smoking weed; puking from drinking and smoking too much weed; THC pills; guy Joe met at a BJJ tournament who had killed someone; War Machine; head trauma; connective tissue in the body; you can get a concussion from being hit in the chest; Joe’s concussions; concussions in various sports; football players and traumatic brain injuries; Joe has seen a lot of knockouts working for the UFC and during his kickboxing days; Concussion movie; avoiding fights; people high on pot don’t fight; drunks wanting to fight; people changing while drunk; drunk fights in Austin, Texas; why is Austin becoming so popular; Austin is so different compared to other Texas cities; Austin; 150 people move to Austin each day.

My Thoughts: Wow, Joe sure is obsessed with Soaked in Bleach! He doesn’t mention social justice warriors, gender pronouns, or feminists at all this episode! No idea who this girl is though.

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