The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 977 with Jeff Evans and Bud Brutsman

Episode Number: 977
Episode Guest: Jeff Evans and Bud Brutsman
Original Airdate: June 21, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Winc, Dollar Shave Club, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jeff B. Evans is an adventurer, expedition leader, high-altitude medic, physician assistant, speaker, facilitator, and television personality. Bud Brutsman is a TV show creator and executive producer, known for shows such as Overhaulin’, Rides, and King of the Cage.

Topics Discussed: Climbing Mount Everest with a blind guy; the blind guy kayaked the Grand Canyon; Mount Everest has been commercialized; sherpas; people who have never climbed before try to climb Everest; story about a husband climbing Everest with his wife and leaving her behind at 28,000 feet; Everest “death zone”; Everest Hillary Step; crows eat the dead bodies left on Everest; 6-10 people die every year trying to climb Everest; sherpas die trying to help others climb Everest; hypothermia; more of the story about the husband and wife; talk about a guy who died in his tent; what’s good about climbing Everest; what the feeling is like at the top of Everest; being exhausted and having to climb back down; what motivates people to climb Everest; death of Ueli Steck; Alex Honnold climbs El Capitan; picture of Alex Honnold; what makes a climber good; more talk about climbers; strength training for climbers; more solo climbing talk; psychedelic drugs and climbing; microdosing mushrooms; mushroom goo; freaking out when stoned on edibles; talk about Bud’s closet and clothes; (1:00:00) Lanai; Mormons; multiple wives; more Lanai talk; Joe talks about hunting axis deer in Hawaii; elk is Joe’s favorite meat; Remi Warren’s dead deer picture; deer in Hawaii are a pain in the ass; there’s no limit for hunting deer in Hawaii if you have a license; Jeff talks about helping in Nepal after an earthquake; Jeff talks about going to Mosul to help people in a war zone; Jeff’s blog about being in Mosul; more Mosul talk; the head of security was killed in a blast and came back to life; someone who was with them was releasing pigeons to tell ISIS where they were so they could attack; appreciating life when he came back from helping in Mosul; K2; climbing gear is important; story about a Japanese guy who was dying trying to climb K2; lots of people give up and need to be rescued when climbing a mountain; helicopter pilots; dealing with regular people after returning to normal life; feeling grateful; people who can deal with stressful situations; Tribe book; humans need to deal with difficult things; creating struggle; camaraderie; wanting to return to stressful situations; Erik Weihenmayer; pushing yourself; training for mountain climbing; carrying weight; at one time he was going on expeditions just so he could eat; how he got into his adventuring lifestyle; Colorado talk; travelling as a kid; relaxing on his farm; dealing with snow and cold weather; you appreciate the summer after a long winter; what’s next for them; (2:00:00) he enjoys life after returning home; finding your way; be grateful and show love and compassion.

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Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging
Tribe On Homecoming and Belonging; Hardcover Book; Junger, Sebastian (Author); English (Publication Language)
$22.00 −$7.41 $14.59

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My Thoughts: Talk about climbing Everest, drugs, and hunting in Hawaii. Lots of talk about going to Mosul to help people in the middle of a war zone.

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