The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 817 with Jason Hairston and Brendan Burns

Episode Number: 817
Episode Guest: Jason Hairston and Brendan Burns
Original Airdate: June 30, 2016
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, ZipRecruiter, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Jason Hairston is a former NFL football player and founder of KUIU, an ultralight mountain hunting gear company. Brendan Burns is an accomplished mountain hunter and manages KUIU Professional Services.

Topics Discussed: Talk about KUIU; the perception of hunters; weight matters in hunting; hunting is a difficult discipline; hunting is a lifelong learning experience; selling direct to consumer; problems with retail stores; connecting with the consumer; hunters are knowledgeable and obsessed; testing their fabrics; Japanese fabrics; testing and launching their products; carbon fiber talk; more testing talk; finding time to create new products; building a brand; do what you want to do and making a living doing it; elk talk; killing a large, old animal is the goal; knowing what an animal is going to do; satisfaction of eating an animal you’ve killed; trophy hunting; people are disconnected from their food; everyone is responsible for animal death; growing vegetables and grain results in animal death; perception of hunting and hunters from non-hunters; if everyone hunted there would be no fat people; Cecil the lion; detachment from the cycle of life; Zimbabwe is going to cull 200 lions; trophy hunting in Africa; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; people need to try hunting to connect with their food; factory farming vs. hunting for your meat; price of meat; factory farming shields people from the truth; hypocrisy of animal rights activists and vegans; killing bugs; ants are cool; ant death spiral video; bees will follow the queen; more ant talk; anthropomorphizing of animals; animals kill animals; bears are cannibals; lion eats goat at zoo video; what lead them to start KUIU; the attraction to the pursuit of excellence; innovation in hunting gear; offering exercise and diet tips to hunters; hunting is physically demanding; testing their gear; training for a hunt; what food they take on a hunt; hunting is a grind; burning calories while hunting; packing food for a hunt; ProBars; more food and diet talk; Phat Fudge; burning fat and sugar; ketogenic diet talk; where the KUIU name came from; going with your gut/intuition; fighters and ego; talk about live UFC events; similarities between hunting and fighting; athletes who are hunters; hunting is rewarding; wild game meat is the healthiest; cooking wild game meat; Guy Fieri; Anthony Bourdain is a hunter; aging and cooking meat; marinating and seasoning meat; eating sheep balls; eating heart; Steve Rinella eats balls video; American Buffalo book; sheep in Montana; auction tags; story about hunting a $500,000 ram; animals are strange looking; ram headbutts cow video; animals attacking the balls; animals have a season to have sex; bachelor groups of moose; nature is so diverse; locking eyes with an animal; an animal’s sense of smell; America has lots of land to hunt on; hunting is still fun even if you don’t kill anything; bighorn sheep tags; hunting and killing a bighorn sheep; hunting after his baby was born.

My Thoughts: All talk about hunting, meat, and animals. Joe repeats the things about hunting/meat/animals that he says to everyone. Feels like a KUIU commercial at times. Skip unless you’re really into Joe’s hunting podcasts.

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