The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 887 with James Hetfield

Episode Number: 887
Episode Guest: James Hetfield
Original Airdate: December 16, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit,,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: James Hetfield is a musician, singer, and songwriter known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

Topics Discussed: Aging as a rock star without compromising the quality and intensity of his music; music can transform people; listening to music in the car; James lives in Colorado; why he moved to Colorado; elitist attitudes of people in California; blowback from doing a hunting TV show; people who eat meat but are against hunting; James talks about raising bees; bees would attack James’ friend’s wife; James was in a bee club; James gets 500 lbs. of honey each season; the immune system and bees/honey; royal jelly; more talk about how bees live; Africanized bees; there are thousands of types of bees; James sits and watches his bees to relax; James continues to explain bees to Joe; Joe tells the Fear Factor story about territorial bees; bees communicate through movement; bees hibernate during the winter; James has a sustainable ranch; Neil Young talk; James has found peace in his life; his relationship with his bandmates; appreciating life; Lemmy Kilmister; Lars and James met through an ad in a newspaper; Lars and Napster; the music industry and piracy; the presentation of a complete album; record companies and record deals that screw the artists; Metallica owns all their albums; Metallica owns their own record press; Jack White and vinyl; talk about the resurgence of vinyl; vinyl album sales out-perform digital downloads for first time; the live music experience; artists lip syncing live; acoustic sets; (1:00:00) wearing makeup on TV; more talk about Lars, Napster, and piracy; record labels demanding portions of merchandise and touring; more piracy talk; how record companies have fucked up; iTunes; music streaming services like Spotify; Pharrell made less than $3,000 for 43 million streams of his song “Happy”; money shouldn’t be the motivation for creation; there wasn’t old rockers in the past; The Rolling Stones; Angus Young; James had neck surgery; spinal decompression device; Iron Neck; exercising; stenosisreverse hyper bench; back problems; yoga; Metallica takes a physical therapist on the road; The Rolling Stones have a decorator on the road to decorate their hotel rooms; James talks about doing Billy on the Street; Metallica and The Roots do Enter Sandman with Jimmy Fallon; they don’t take themselves too seriously; screwing up songs while playing live; psychological issues; getting sober; going to rehab; sobriety and his family; starting life again while sober; getting caught up in being a rock star; trying to be yourself while being famous; dealing with fans and being famous; Metallica played for 500,000 people in Russia; how he got into hunting; hunting in Colorado; cooking the meat of an animal you killed; bowhunting talk; smells/scents and hunting; dealing with blowback of doing the hunting show; Metallica’s Glastonbury hunting video; fake picture of James with a dead bear; bear hunting in Russia; bear meat; (2:00:00) lynx meat; more hunting in Russia talk.

My Thoughts: Lots of talk about BEES! Talk about the music industry, piracy, aging, and–of course–hunting. An interesting podcast and worth listening to, regardless of whether you like Metallica.

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