The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1009 with James Damore

Episode Number: 1009
Episode Guest: James Damore
Original Airdate: September 6, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Casper, DraftKings

Guest Bio: James Damore is a former Google senior software engineer who was recently fired by Google after an internal memo he wrote about its diversity policies was leaked online.

Topics Discussed: Wearing headphones on a podcast; what prompted him to create the Google memo; talk about Google’s diversity meetings; Google is looking past science to create diversity; unconscious bias; who goes to the Google diversity meetings; they don’t acknowledge racism against white people; women issues in technology; assertive women compared to assertive men; blowback he’s received; people misrepresenting his memo and leaving out key details; Joe didn’t find anything misogynistic in the memo; James calling women “neurotic” in the memo; Joe and James have been labeled alt-right; the most ridiculous things in the Google diversity meetings; companies get attacked for their lack of diversity; Rainbow Coalition; criticisms of the memo; Google fired him only after the memo went public; the memo was circulating for a month before it went public; evolutionary psychology; the trend to not accept biological differences between men and women; it’s not a gender issue, there’s unfair treatment in general; Joe thinks men are gross; why aren’t women in tech; jobs where more women are hired; Joe thinks we’re in a better position with tech companies leaning more towards the left; being progressive isn’t necessarily bad; looking for racism everywhere; why did the Google memo go public; he was called a white supremacist, a Nazi, and a misogynist; you can’t debate when someone/something is called racist; McCarthyism; discrimination against Jewish people; Jewish Nobel Prize winners; Asian culture and parenting; life isn’t fair; people are trying to dig up things on him to prove he’s a racist or misogynist; YouTube CEO on the Google memo; why aren’t there an equal number of male and female NASCAR drivers and MMA fighters; The Atlantic article on the Google memo(1:00:00) meritocracy is seen as a microaggression; people are scared of agreeing with the Google memo; he’s received a lot of positive feedback but only in private; what he did at Google; what all this exposure is like for him; we need to bridge the people on the far left and those on the right; he thought he could have a rational discussion about the memo; the guys in Charlottesville are the real Nazis, not James for writing the memo; the people on the far left are as bad as those on the far right; people do things for social brownie points; Google is distorting the facts to make people feel happy; he’s exploring his legal options against Google; he didn’t have to sign a non-disclosure agreement when he was fired; “protected status” and illegal discrimination; he considers himself libertarian; Joe leans left on some things but right on some others; making things too easy for people makes them not try hard; universal basic income; Hawaii is considering universal basic income; our tax dollars should go towards creating less losers; talk about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos; people see the narrative they want to see; a woman ladysplains the Google memo; he’s received job offers; talk about possibly writing a book; people ignore his ideas for solving diversity issues; will the memo inspire conversation when the dust settles; there are conservative people who work at Google; social conservatives at Google; are two parents more beneficial to a child than one; negative stereotypes of white people are fine; he misses the free food at Google; he switched to Yahoo Mail in case Google was reading his emails; his Android phone was acting strangely after all this happened; all his keystrokes were logged at work; he used his corporate phone for his personal life; Google and censorship in China; China has blocked Google services; Facebook is a waste of time for Joe; women prefer to use Google services; Google is removing trends of data related to gender from its analytics; paranoid people use Hotmail; what he does with his time now; gender pronouns; he’s thinking about merging his name with his future wife’s last name; Antonio Villaraigosa; marriage is weird and many of them fail; divorce talk; raising a child; arranged marriages; more talk about the divorce rates; how many gay marriages fail; women are the ones who want to get divorced; lesbians get divorced more than gay men; how his friends reacted to what has happened; someone said “fuck you” to him out in public; male feminists; most people are normal and not evil; (2:00:00) a lot of the world is more conservative than the US; people on the left can’t be progressive enough; there aren’t enough real discussions; people rarely have long-form talks; if he could go back in time, he would wait for his year-end bonus before releasing the memo; there’s an underground conservative network in Silicon Valley; people are spying on others to dig up dirt on them; people want to censor others thinking they’re doing the right thing; the left is an echo chamber; there are white people who are racist towards white people; discrimination against people based on political orientation; there’s too much information to absorb today; most people don’t have time to really investigate things; there’s a lot of information that isn’t verifiable; we have to look at things for what they really are; YouTube is censoring and demonetizing those who Google feels are objectionable; it’s dangerous to say that the Google memo promotes harmful gender stereotypes; people in tech are too wrapped up in the progressive mindset; talk about his potential lawsuit against Google; there’s a blacklist of people who progressives are trying to get fired or not hired by other tech companies; he saved his money and would be in trouble if he hadn’t; Google is building an echo chamber; women do experience a lot of sexism; there are men who are agreeable and seen as pushovers; he wants Google to address what has happened; there are activists attacking Google; Google gender pay gap disparity lawsuit; 70,000 people work for Google; talk about who is getting paid more and why; the gender pay gap is a myth; there are nap pods at Google to sleep at work; is there discrimination against people who aren’t tall; he’s still seeking employment; Google randomly contacted him for a job based on his coding skills; he wants to find a new job related to tech; he thinks Silicon Valley has blacklisted him; Joe urges people to read the memo; what James thinks will happen in the future; virtue signalling; he plays a lot of chess and can play chess in his head; we was obsessed with Magic: The Gathering; women in tech; women and chess; nerds don’t know how to interact with women; there’s no fighting to get men into female-dominated careers; men and nursing; guys and femininity.

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