The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 850 with George Perez

Episode Number: 850
Episode Guest: George Perez
Original Airdate: September 22, 2016
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings,,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: George Perez is a stand-up comedian. Previously seen on Comedy Central, Showtime, and MTV’s Yo Mama, you can now see George headlining all over the country.

Topics Discussed: More people take pain pills than use tobacco productsbaseball players could smoke during Major League games; ADHD; George talks about selling speed; speed addiction; drug addicts in prison; George talks about the misconception of prison rape; what a day is like in prison; George says prison was fun but he missed his freedom; prison guards are a lot like prisoners; Joe talks about working construction; California and illegal aliens; George tells a story about beating a guy up and going to prison because of it; jury duty; more talk about going to prison; being involved in a prison riot; getting “stripes”; getting staph in prison; different levels of prison; food in prison; cooking in prison; tattoos in prison; prison tattoo guns; getting caught getting a tattoo in prison; face tattoos; smoking in clubs; smoking cigarettes in prison; lifting weights in prison; fire camps; doing stand-up in prison; getting KFC in prison for doing stand-up; appreciating things you take for granted; George is scared to go hunting or camping; talk about Denver, Colorado; benefits of marijuana legalization in Colorado; people think you’re a loser if you smoke weed; George has a son but won’t let his son smoke weed around him; Joe talks about talking to his daughter about drugs; George talks about his kids; parents need to admit the mistakes they made growing up; George talks about his brothers; super winners; men need an avenue for aggressive behavior; women fighting; importance of quality coaching; comedy in California; Joe talks about seeing George on Roast Battle; difficulty returning home after prison; being on parole; taking a piss test; George doesn’t want to go back to prison; prison overpopulation; problems with the prison system; swinging a sledgehammer; companies using prisoners as slaves; wild horses in America; wild horses in Nevada video; talk about the Maya civilization and pyramids; Joe talks about touring Mexico and Chichen Itza; Joe wants to travel back in time to see Genghis Khan; the slaves who built the pyramids were killed; more Genghis Khan talk; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast; Joe continues to geek out about history; theories about how the pyramids were built; procession of the equinoxes; the world was barbaric; the weather throughout history and climate change; age of the Sphinx of Giza; more ancient Egypt talk; image-based languages; Coptic language; Anthony Bourdain’s knife made from a meteorite; meteor impacts; the moon; the canals of Mars; Zecharia Sitchin; The Biggest Secret book; where George would go if he could travel back in time; Hernan Cortes; old nails and construction methods; fiberglass; it’s stupid to bury people in the ground; preparing a body for burial; cremation; what if animals had cemeteries; the body of Osama Bin Laden; Saddam Hussein’s sons fed people to dogs; North Korea’s 28 websites; North Korea talk; Korea and eye surgery; transgender surgery; vaginal rejuvenation surgery; what facial features people find attractive; George wrestled a girl; what if a WNBA player had a baby with an NBA player; super athletes; young kids lifting weights; exercising before doing Jiu Jitsu; older brothers; myostatin inhibitors and dogs.

My Thoughts: I didn’t like this guy based on his soul patch, but after hearing him talk, he seems like an interesting dude. Decent casual podcast.

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