The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 757 with Gary Clark, Jr.

Episode Number: 757
Episode Guest: Gary Clark, Jr.
Original Airdate: February 8, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, LegalZoom, MVMT Watches, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Gary Clark, Jr. is a Grammy award-winning musician and guitar player. He can been seen on his new tour in 2016 all over the world, and his latest album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim is out now.

Topics Discussed: Ari introduced Joe to Gary’s music; HoneyHoney; why he moved from Austin, Texas to California; mountain lions in California; Lyme disease and deers; Gary doesn’t fuck with nature; cities are great; sharks in California; helicopters in California; how Gary got started in music; why he chose the guitar; finding a passion when you’re younger; his experience doing martial arts; ADHD; going to school; the problems with school; Brave New World book; the ’66 Cadillac in his “Numb” music video; his ’94 Cadillac; new Cadillacs; Cadillac CTS-V; recording his latest album; all the instruments he plays; Gary didn’t take lessons to play any instruments; he can’t read sheet music; the Jimi Hendrix picture in Joe’s studio isn’t actually a mug shot; the Jimi Hendrix murder conspiracy; Phil Spector was crazy; organized crime’s ties to the music industry; people comparing Gary to Jimi Hendrix; what kind of music Gary likes; chopped and screwed music; Paul Wall’s teeth; dental dams; the legalization of marijuana; playing Colorado; the vibe of Denver today with legalized marijuana; the future of legalization of psychedelics; Gary’s experiences with mushrooms; Gary’s upbringing; sometimes the wrong crowd is the right crowd; people don’t want to be told what to do; Gary’s kids and parenting; Google Glass glasses; Microsoft HoloLens; the future of technology and virtual reality; simulation hypothesis; technology is crazy; Microsoft HoloLens and the future of watching sports; silent discos; loud house parties; what kind of music Joe listens to; Outkast; Jimi: All is by My Side movie; movies where people can’t/don’t really do what they’re pretending to do; Kung Fu TV show; Gary wanted to be like the main character in the Kung Fu TV show; Gary likes the UFC and wants to train martial arts; Joe talks Gary into trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Anthony Bourdain does BJJ; lots of musicians do BJJ; martial arts is a beautiful form of expression; Joe is still learning BJJ after 20 years; sharing and openness in the BJJ community; practice and dedication; comparing martial arts to doing comedy; admiring someone else’s skill; does Gary get inspired by seeing movies, reading books, or hearing good music; does he practice music in clubs; what his creation process is like for writing a song; realizing your free time is precious after having kids; what touring is like; flying to Australia or New Zealand; being home is a vacation; going to Cuba; picture of Joe holding a giant moose leg over his shoulder; Joe gets animal protein from meat he kills himself; life eats life; most people are ignorant about hunting; growing grain can kill animals too; cities are a natural environment; we are detached from where our food comes from; Joe is fascinated by things he doesn’t understand; someone told Joe he’s 90% vegetarian; Joe was going to become a vegan or a hunter; the animals Joe kills would die anyways; the best way to respect animals is to hunt them; does Gary want to hunt; Gary’s bad experience with a toy gun as a child; Texas has a pig problem; wild hogs are huge; elk are huge; 11-year-old boy kills 1,000 lb. wild hog; Hogzilla; domestic pigs morph into wild hogs; pot-bellied pigs; chihuahuas; ligers; Radiolab “New Nice” podcast episode; humans are the only species as varied as dogs; did humans come from aliens; Gary hates cold climates; Columbus, Ohio; Cincinnati/Kentucky AirportKentucky; NASCAR; Formula One; racing culture in the southern states; NASCAR started from guys driving fast while smuggling moonshine; what’s next for Gary.

My Thoughts: Nice short two-hour podcast. Joe does most of the talking. Lots of martial arts talk.

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