Stuff Joe Likes: Onnit Cyclops Legend Bell Kettlebell

The Onnit Cyclops Legend Bell kettlebell is the second release in an ongoing series of specialty kettlebells from Onnit. Rather than traditional “cannon balls with a handle on top” as Joe calls them, these kettlebells are sculpted works of art. This new Cyclops Legend Bell has the face of an angry cyclops who will stare at you from across the room when you aren’t working out with it, making you feel like you better get off the couch and use it or he’ll bite your dick off while you’re passed out with Cheeto dust covering your hands.

The Onnit Cyclops Legend Bell is 3D sculpted to ensure that it’s properly balanced so it performs just as a regular kettlebell will. It also features a chip-resistant finished so that it can stand up to abuse in the gym, outdoors, or in the home. In short, you don’t need to baby this kettlebell. Use it as you normally would, and keep it on display when it’s not in use. Archaeologists will be digging these things up thousands of years from now, not understanding what they were used for.

The Cyclops Legend Bell kettlebell is available in only one size: 20 kg, which translates to 44 lbs. If that’s too small, start with the larger of the Legend Bells, the 28 kg (62 lb.) Werewolf Legend Bell kettlebell.

If you’re an obsessive collector of awesome, manly things, you’ll want to horde all of the Legend Bells. If you’re looking to buy kettlebells but don’t want a boring old bowling ball with a handle, this is for you. And, if you want a kettlebell you can keep out in the open between workouts, this one is ideal.

The Onnit Cyclops Legend Bell kettlebell is available exclusively on the Onnit website. You won’t find this anywhere else. Joe’s discount doesn’t apply to fitness equipment, so you will have to wait for an Onnit sale to purchase this at a lower price. These Onnit sales and discounts are few and far between, and the sculpted kettlebells are typically a limited release item, so if you really want it, buy it sooner rather than later.

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