The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 964 with Everlast

Episode Number: 964
Episode Guest: Everlast
Original Airdate: May 24, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, LegalZoom, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Everlast is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His latest project Warporn Industries is available now for download.

Topics Discussed: Everlast got Joe into Instagram; Gaelic; Japan; language is an operating system; Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il book; North Korea talk; South Korea eyelid surgery; Melania Trump swats Donald’s hand away; politicians don’t have our best interests in mind; police officers have a difficult job; death of Eric Garner; people want to be on teams; how do we figure out what’s really true; television news; connecting with people; his mom died from Alzheimer’s disease; there was a lawsuit over the “Jump Around” song; they talk about meeting each other, hanging out, smoking a joint in a Las Vegas club; his personal issues and mom’s illness; his daughter has Cystic fibrosis; dealing with his anger; children and sickness; more talk about his daughter; “comparison is the thief of joy”; Theodore Roosevelt; people get mad at hunting pictures; Everlast wants to learn archery; Joe can’t read graffiti typography; talk about his music and isolating himself; writing music; money; he’s touring Europe for six weeks; people know his music but not his face; collaborating on music; graffiti talk; David Choe’s Instagram; Gary Clark, Jr. video; musicians with distinctive sounds; moon landing debate; Wag the Dog movie; (1:00:00) US spent $500 million on fake Al-Qaeda movies; more talk about Warporn Industries; (they watch one of his music videos); more music talk; feeding off other people; young rappers shitting on old rappers; not giving a fuck about what people think as you get older; Mr. Brainwash; Exit Through the Gift Shop documentary; whiskey talk; Everlast’s wife gave him a cocaine vial; what if cocaine became legal; Joe thinks chewing coca leaves might be good for you; Joe rants about dabs; talk about getting high on marijuana; being perpetually high; taking days off from marijuana; getting high to relax; thinking about things while high; Joe is better at pool when he’s high; Joe compares pool to archery; golf; Joe thinks he would get addicted to golf if he tried it; Joe thinks he would get addicted to cocaine if he tried it; Joe tells a coke story; Everlast tells a coke story; people shouldn’t smoke weed when they’re young; Joe tried weed for the first time when he was 8; Everlast talks about trying weed for the first time and how it changed his life; more weed stories; Everlast tells a story about smoking angel dust; an old boxing coach of Joe’s had a finger bitten off when high on PCP and the finger was replaced with his toe; people who you know have committed murder; Joe trained with someone who was in Whitey Bulger‘s gang; go for someone’s throat if you want to kill them; kicks/punches to the head/neck; a rear naked choke is safer than a head kick; Joe rants again about taping hands and wearing gloves in an MMA fight/boxing match; double mouth guards; Bernard Hopkins stepping on Puerto Rican flag video; more Bernard Hopkins talk; more boxing talk; Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. talk; Jason Ellis’ King of the Cage fight; connecting with what you really want to do; don’t get in your own way; Everlast wants to get in shape; (2:00:00) Jocko Willink’s “Good” motivational video; Everlast wants to be more positive like Jocko but doesn’t know how; Everlast has heart issues and is scared to workout; Joe suggests Everlast doesn’t concentrate on the negative and to “go zen”; Bow Wow pretended he was flying private when he wasn’t; Everlast gets a nickel when his music is played on the radio; how coffee can help you live longer article; (they watch another Warporn music video); Eddie Bravo talk; Everlast used to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; political parties should be eliminated; Everlast talks about UK politics; talk about Trump and politics; Facebook only shows you what it thinks you will like; you need to challenge your ideas; Everlast thinks comedians are like the new punk rock; Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt; the political system is keeping us locked down; (Everlast goes off the rails and rants about politics and taxes); Everlast suggests people lease cars because it can be a tax write off; Good Dad Gang; we are victims of the (political) game that’s being played.

My Thoughts: Joe and Everlast are high and drunk for this one. Entertaining. Music. Drug stories. MMA and boxing talk. Everlast talks about his struggles. Motivational talk towards the end. Lots of shoutouts. Political talk sprinkled throughout. Good stuff.

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