The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1098 with Eddie Bravo

Episode Number: 1098
Episode Guest: Eddie Bravo
Original Airdate: April 2, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace,, Blue Apron

Guest Bio: Eddie Bravo is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, former UFC analyst, and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

Topics Discussed: Podcasting tech issues; listening to yourself on headphones; not liking the sound of your voice; recording stand-up sets; writing new bits vs. continually working on old bits; tying your shoes; doing something so much you don’t have to think about it; more talk about stand-up comedy; Eddie loves black comedy; people trying to steal/reword other comedian’s material; stand-up comedy is hard; Sam Tripoli; talk about the glut of stand-up comedy specials released today; Katt Williams; talk about how amazing The Comedy Store is today; Guns n’ Roses; Kiss; talk about boxing and Latin boxers; Eddie used to be against white comedians; Carlos Mencia is not Mexican; impressions; (Joe does his Schwarzenegger impression; Roseanne tweeting about Trump breaking up sex trafficking rings; the left is only looking at what they want to look at; Joe defends Roseanne and says Trump has broken up sex trafficking rings; do 800,000 children go missing every year; Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal; Jimmy Savile and the Ninth Circle documentary; Jersey; more Jimmy Savile talk; Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal; missing children in UK; Eddie talks about gun control propaganda; Joe talks AGAIN about psychiatric medications and mass shooters; Chinese college student to be deported after buying guns; false/suggestive memories; Eddie talks about his false flag school shooting conspiracy theories; FISA memo; Operation Northwoods; Hillary Clinton earned $7,000 less for speech than Snooki; paid speeches are like bribery; Eddie thinks Hillary Clinton’s dad was a mob boss; the Kennedy family made money running bootleg liquor during prohibition; the US government is like a mob boss; (1:00:00) politics is a dirty business; the problems with schools and teachers today; the origin of compulsory schooling; issues with scientific studies and corruption; Eddie doesn’t believe scientific studies (but believes YouTube conspiracy theories with little evidence?); Take Your Pills Netflix documentary; suicidal thoughts from medications; some people like taking pills; mixing tobacco with marijuana; smoking cigars and feeling high from the nicotine; writing and smoking cigarettes; writing while high on weed; legalized marijuana in the United States; MDMA studies; Eddie talks about how MDMA changed his taste in music; the problem with MDMA is that it’s illegal; “The Truth About Ecstasy” documentary; unknown lifeforms we haven’t discovered yet; mutant crayfish that clones itself is taking over Europe; discarded pharmaceuticals in the water; Charles River becomes swimmable again after 50 years; no one thought about destroying the environment in the past; chamber pots; airplane toilets; people shitting in the streets of San Francisco; San Francisco is so liberal because of the tech money; people on the far left or far right are annoying; Tony Ferguson’s knee injury; Eddie talks about Tony and his injury; Tony Ferguson stripped of interim lightweight title; UFC fighters make more money if they have a belt; the UFC can do whatever they want to do; Conor McGregor hasn’t fought in 500+ days and hasn’t been stripped of his title; Conor McGregor: Notorious documentary; talk about Conor McGregor and his best fights in the UFC; talk about MMA judging and its issues; Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell video; Pat Barry vs. Cheick Kongo video; feinting; Don Wilson vs. Dennis Alexio video; Eddie talks about commentating fights; Rick Roufus vs. Changpuek Kietsongrit video; talk about leg kicks; (2:00:00) more talk about the Roufus/Kietsongrit fight; Paul Varelans vs. Marcos Ruas video; Joe talks again about how fighters shouldn’t wear gloves; Jeremy Stephens vs. Rony Jason video; the level of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today; Gordon Ryan vs. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu video; intermittent fasting; Dom D’Agostino; popcorn and movies; why haven’t microwaves gotten better; protein bars and unbelievable farts; the cancer risk of microwave popcorn; microwave popcorn and trans fats; What’s With Wheat? documentary; bogus science; diet soda is bad for you; sparkling water; sparkling water and your teeth; breathing fungi; mushrooms should be legalized; Joe talks about his first time trying mushrooms at 30 years of age; psychedelics change who you are; Joe recalls his thoughts on mushrooms; what happens after death; reincarnation; accept the moment and live in the moment; Eddie wanted to be a rock star his whole life; Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park movie; Eddie talks more about being obsessed with music; looking forward to retirement; vacations; celebrities with their own islands; all inclusive resorts; One & Only Palmilla; Eddie wants to hang out at home on vacation, not go to a tropical destination.

Movies Mentioned

These are the movies that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Conor McGregor: Notorious
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Conor McGregor, Dee Devlin, John Kavanagh (Actors); Gavin Fitzgerald (Director) - Graeme McDonnell (Producer)
What's With Wheat?
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); David Perlmutter, Cyndi Omeara, Terry Wahls (Actors)

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