The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1050 with Dr. Shawn Baker

Episode Number: 1050
Episode Guest: Dr. Shawn Baker
Original Airdate: December 7, 2017
Episode Sponsors: ButcherBox, ZipRecruiter

Guest Bio: Dr. Shawn Baker is an orthopedic surgeon, weight lifting world record holder, and carnivore diet advocate.

Topics Discussed: Joe found out about him on Twitter; he’s an athlete who trained his whole life; he’s tried many different diets before the carnivore diet; Vince Gironda; removing carbohydrates and refined sugar; ketogenic diet and high cholesterol; he approached the carnivore diet cautiously; Inuit diet; glucose and vitamin c; he thinks carbohydrates create a higher need for vitamins; he doesn’t think blood tests can say whether someone is healthy; world records he’s broken and sports he’s participated in; ketosis; intermittent feasting; he ate six pounds of meat in one sitting; people are eating the wrong food; he says a balanced diet is a cop out; he’s been on his meat diet for one year; he says cholesterol is a worthless marker; more talk about cholesterol; heart disease kills vegetarians and vegans too; how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; what made him want to eat only meat; he likes to push himself; what he eats on a normal day; the type of meat you eat matters, and what you eat meat with; WHO says processed meat causes cancer; talk about a study with mice, meat, and cancer; talk about chimps and apes; he doesn’t take vitamins and supplements; how he cooks meat; the price of eating only meat; ethical concerns of eating only meat; ButcherBox; grass-fed vs. corn-fed meat; meat and estrogen; why does he think meat makes people healthier; humans digest meat better than fruits/vegetables; probiotics; putrefaction; soy and estrogen; will he continue the diet for life; (1:00:00) he suggests people try the diet for a couple of months; his Instagram; he thinks a lot of people will try this diet; Joe thinks people should avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates; diverticulitis; he takes tiny dumps; John Wayne and 40 lbs. of feces in his colon from eating meat; he thinks fiber doesn’t help people with digestion; he eats mostly beef, not game meat or chicken; talk about his background in the military, playing rugby, going to medical school, going to war in Afghanistan; more war stories and seeing kids killed and tortured in war; suicide bombers; leaving the military and working in a hospital; he started working with his patients about their diets; issues within the hospital regarding equipment; he was spending more time with patients but seeing less of them; complications from surgery; he was targeted and suspended from working at the hospital; writing a confession and then working with a lawyer; more talk about his legal battle; he’s living off his savings right now; hospitals help people but they need to make money; the problems with western medicine; there’s money in fixing people, but not in helping people eat well; The Primal Blueprint book; What’s With Wheat? documentary;; What the Health documentary and its inaccuracies; he felt better going from a ketogenic diet to the carnivore diet; we eat less red meat than we used to; testosterone levels have dropped; people who live to over 100 typically are meat eaters; the best predictor of a long life is your exercise capacity; a vegan diet is better than the typical American diet; protein talk; we have an obesity and frailty epidemic; the average person doesn’t exercise hard; the more fit you are the further away from death you are; Shawn talks about exercises he does; Octane Fitness AirdyneX(2:00:00) exercise intensely with short breaks; Shawn’s dad is on the carnivore diet; January is world carnivore month.

Books Mentioned

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The New Primal Blueprint: Reprogram Your Genes for Effortless Weight Loss, Vibrant Health and Boundless Energy
Hardcover Book; Sisson, Mark (Author); English (Publication Language); 568 Pages - 11/15/2016 (Publication Date) - Primal Nutrition, Inc. (Publisher)
$34.95 −$1.99 $32.96

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What's With Wheat?
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); David Perlmutter, Cyndi Omeara, Terry Wahls (Actors)
What the Health
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Garth Davis, Neal Barnard (Actors); Kip Andersen (Director) - Kip Andersen (Writer) - Kip Andersen (Producer)

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