The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 945 with Dr. Roddy McGee

Episode Number: 945
Episode Guest: Dr. Roddy McGee
Original Airdate: April 12, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, Lyft, Rocket Mortgage, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Dr. Roddy McGee is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, fellowship trained in sports medicine, and is part of the Total Sports Medicine Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Topics Discussed: Joe went to Roddy for his shoulder injury; how stem cell treatment has evolved over the past few years; the stem cells come from young healthy mothers; Bush banned federal funding for stem cell research; frozen embryos; federal funding and private funding; differences between stem cells; bone marrow; injecting fat tissue into arthritic knees; what happens to the fat before injection; Regenokine; differences between treatments; Daniel Cormier had stem cells taken from bone marrow in his hip; the UFC doctor had stem cell treatment and recommended Roddy to Joe; Joe talks about his shoulder issues in the past; rehab time for an injury similar to Joe’s; it’s important to take time to heal; some people don’t respond to stem cell treatments; fit, healthy people respond better to the treatment; going in a sauna after treatment; heat shock proteins; differences between heat shock proteins; sauna use reduces death; cryotherapy; people need to be cautious when choosing a doctor; some doctors use misleading marketing; differences between PRP and stem cell therapy; knee meniscus; Joe had stem cells shot into his knee and it fixed a problem he had for a decade; more talk about fixing knee injuries; why fake knees haven’t been created; femur repairs and infection; (they look at surgery pictures and watch video of femur repair); can stem cells be used to regenerate bone; (1:00:00) the shift in communication from voice/email to text messages; Joe complains that he gets a lot of emails; what’s the next form of communication; voice dictation software; (Joe demonstrates the voice-to-text ability of his phone); texting and driving; importance of the rehab protocol after treatment; diet is hugely important; Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association; pros and cons to icing injuries; phases of healing; decreasing the chance of repeat injuries; they don’t know how many stem cells to use to treat injuries; platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment; undergoing PRP and stem cell treatment simultaneously; doctors can’t make claims about medicine/treatments; there’s a short window between getting cells and injecting them; FDA’s tissue guidelines; intravenous stem cell treatment; Bas Rutten got stem cell treatment; Dan Bilzerian got stem cell treatment; Joe talks more about his injuries and treatments; Havyk Slider; talk about archery; John Dudley is teaching Roddy archery; infections after surgery; Defense Soap; Joe talks about probiotics; GTs kombucha; injecting stem cells directly into discs; stem cell treatment isn’t covered by insurance; turning people away for treatment; stem cells won’t help mechanical injuries to the body; thermal capsulorrhaphy; science about some stem cell research is murky; when he would encourage surgery or other methods over stem cell treatment; what to do for a shoulder dislocation; Roddy has worked with rodeo and steer wrestling athletes; Roddy thinks Joe has had a dislocated shoulder; working out with kettlebells is good for the shoulders; working muscles to failure is not healthy; more talk about exercises; most people show up in Roddy’s office from overload and not leaving time for recovery; rest and recovery is important.

My Thoughts: Sticks to the topic of stem cell treatment, PRP treatment, and injuries for the majority of the podcast with a bit of talk about archery.

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