The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1054 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Episode Number: 1054
Episode Guest: Dr. Rhonda Patrick
Original Airdate: December 18, 2017
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Guest Bio: Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

Topics Discussed: She’s a mom now; talk about being a mom and how it’s changed her; optimizing herself during pregnancy; DHA; eating salmon from Vital Choice; babies making noises and talking/walking early; epigenetics; losing weight has an effect on sperm; eating bad foods and smoking cigarettes around kids; benefits of breast feeding; human milk oligosaccharides; there are stem cells in breast milk; breast feeding is difficult; lack of sleep after having a kid; having a kid changes you so much; crying babies don’t bother Joe anymore; looking at adults as being a baby that grew up; having a baby made Joe nicer; Rhonda has become more creative after having a baby; postpartum depression; she’s been exercising whenever possible; Chris Henry’s death; Rhonda went to see a live UFC event and thinks it’s crazy to get punched in the head; Joe says MMA is high level problem solving with dire physical consequences; apoE4g and CTE/TBI; benefits of exercise on the brain; she loves running; running and daydreaming; Joe talks about running and how his cardio has improved; she’s started taking an interval cycling class; high-intensity interval training; Joe says he’s doubled his endurance because of running; aerobic capacity; running on a treadmill vs. outdoors; running in nature vs. the city; she’s thinking about moving out of the city; is Tylenol unsafe during pregnancy; talk about vaccinations for babies; (1:00:00) pregnancy and autism risk; spacing out vaccines rather than doing them all at once; kids should get vaccinated but it’s a nuanced issue that we don’t know the answer to; British journal retracts 1998 paper linking autism to vaccines; people vary biologically so much; people respond to food differently; there is no one diet that’s best for everyone; talk about how people respond differently to glucose; she has more cholesterol in her body than her husband; LDL cholesterol; sugar can impact cholesterol particle size; drinking a big glass of orange juice is like drinking a can of soda; how to follow a high fat/low carb diet as a vegan; True Health Diagnostics; doctors don’t necessarily know about sugar and heart disease risk; ketogenic diet and PPAR-alpha; animals and cycling a ketogenic diet; Eric Verdin on the ketogenic diet; metabolism; more talk about sugar and LDL cholesterol; refined sugar is absolutely bad for you; Joe’s testosterone doubled after going on the ketogenic diet; weightlifters eating candy after an intense workout; the easiest thing you can do to have the biggest impact on your health is to cut out refined sugar; gut bacteria talk; NAD; studies that say red meat is bad for you; how foods interact with each other in our bodies; sugar is less dangerous to someone who is following a vegan diet; carcinogens from cooking meat; cruciferous vegetables like broccoli sprouts; differences between meats; (2:00:00) eat many different types of meat and fish; folate; radiation; leafy greens are a great source of folate; PQQ; supplements are risky; she recommends supplements from Thorne Research; athletes and tainted supplements; look for NSF certified supplements; it’s important to find a good doctor; she recommends doing an organic acid test; Genova Diagnostics; Peter Thiel denies harvesting the blood of the young; anti-aging start-up paying thousands of dollars for young blood; young human blood makes old mice smarter; microbiomes; stevia; Trump drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke per day; stevia is her suggestion for sweetening things; one can of Diet Coke once in a while is probably fine; more probiotic talk; the immune system and the brain; gut bacteria and the brain; we need to eat the right foods to get our microbiome healthy; foods that cause inflammation and the impact on your baby; gut biome and the link between autism and disease; cancer and probiotics; our gut health is very important; diet and autism; diet of the mother and father and the impact on the child; how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; talk about studying blueberries; science always surprises; sugar industry suppressed studies linking sugar to heart disease and cancer; sugar is in everything; if people are going to eat sugar, eat it within a limited window of time; probiotic supplements have a limited amount of probiotics; Joe talks about his daughters; gymnastics is good for kids; Rhonda started ice skating at 2.5 years of age; surfing and fear of sharks; Joe talks about snorkeling with dolphins in Hawaii; the ocean is humbling to people living in beach communities; more talk about the ocean and how scary and powerful it is; video of Shane Dorian surfing; talk about the exercises that Rhonda is doing/wants to do; muscle mass is important; squat talk; Hindu squats(3:00:00) Nike changed how people run; Rhonda was a professional rope jumper; zero-drop shoes; Joe rants about chunky running shoes compared to Vibram shoes; Neal Brennan got plantar fasciitis from running in Vibrams on a treadmill; Joe notices a big difference running in Vibram shoes; her feet are bigger after her pregnancy; she gained close to 50 lbs. while pregnant; hunting and carrying lots of weight; Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer; more hunting talk; she’s not sure if she will have another child; Joe says there’s something magical about having a sibling; talk about her podcast.

My Thoughts: I did my best taking notes about what she was talking about, but a lot of the scientific terms I couldn’t figure out how to spell properly. If you’re reeeally interested, it’s best to listen to this at 1x speed on your podcast app and take your own more detailed notes. Good luck!

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