The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 901 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Episode Number: 901
Episode Guest: Dr. Rhonda Patrick
Original Airdate: January 19, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Blue Apron, Lyft, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

Topics Discussed: Handwriting notes; teen falls in love with undercover cop in marijuana sting, gets arrested; running improves short-term memory recall; Joe ran a 5K a few days earlier; pushing yourself mentally and physically can make you a super-ager; you start to lose brain mass at 20 years old; running helps you think; hitting a bag helps Joe clear his head; humans were designed for stress; Joe thinks people who do Jiu Jitsu are more relaxed; Rhonda talks about surfing; Shane Dorian at Jaws 1 video; Rhonda talks about wiping out and panicking while surfing; sharks; Malibu shark drone video; shark fin soup; Rhonda won’t eat swordfish because of mercury; Rhonda says to eat wild Alaskan salmon, cod; Joe had an issue with arsenic from eating too many sardines; garlic helps pull mercury out of your body; Joe eats multiple cloves of garlic when he’s sick; sulforaphane; freezing certain vegetables can double the amount of sulforaphane; sulforaphane can help with autism, schizophrenia, depression, and prevent cancer/prostate cancer; more sulforaphane talk; broccoli sprouts are the best source of sulforaphane; mustard seed powder; how to buy/grow good broccoli sprouts; broccoli sprout powder(1:00:00) Prostafin; Crucera; many supplements don’t actually contain what they say they do; Rhonda recommends buying Thorne Research supplements; Rhonda recommends a sprouting kit from Amazon; mental diseases and lack of proper nutrition; Rhonda talks about depression studies; side-effects of antidepressants; Joe talks about Ari Shaffir’s experiences with antidepressants; antidepressants affect people differently; depression can be inflammation-driven; our immune system is connected to the brain; stress hormones can affect gut bacteria; don’t get blood work done after a traumatic event; pharmaceuticals aren’t a “magic bullet”; how exercise can help reduce depression; people are scared of discomfort; people would rather take a pill than try to exercise; it’s hard for people to start something new; people avoid things that make them uncomfortable; forcing yourself to exercise is learned; not exercising is bad physically and mentally; momentum; transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy and motivation; Radiolab “9-Volt Nirvana” podcast episodetranscranial direct-current stimulation; the human body is so variable; the body is a race car you can “juice up” yourself; you can’t stop aging but you can age better; The War of Art book; nicotinamide mononucleotide and nicotinamide riboside (2:00:00) pterostilbene; Peter Thiel wants to inject himself with young people’s blood; Aubrey de Grey; actors who seem to defy aging; sugary soft drinks may be linked to accelerated ageing; Joe talks to Rhonda about his shoulder issues and stem cell injections from Total Sports Medicine; bone broth supplement; mice and myostatin blockers; before and after pictures; Bigger Stronger Faster documentary; more Aubrey de Grey talk; time-restricted eating talk; Kevin Rose’s app Zero to help you to fast; drinking coffee or tea is not part of fasting; try to eat within a nine-hour window; shift workers are more likely to get cancer and diabetes; time-restricted eating can increase muscle; Satchidananda Panda; saturated fat increases LDL (bad) cholesterol; saturated fat was demonized; Joe talks about how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; trans fats; refined sugar makes saturated fat dangerous.

My Thoughts: Three hours of talk about the body and Rhonda citing medical studies. Lots of talk about depression.

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The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 773 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Episode Number: 773
Episode Guest: Dr. Rhonda Patrick
Original Airdate: March 10, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Caveman Coffee, ZipRecruiter,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

Topics Discussed: Music makes you feel good; how music affects the brain; singing in the shower; norepinephrine; Rhonda’s exercise routine; lactaid; your brain functions better because of exercise; the body’s stress response to exercise; people exercise to look good; why smart people don’t exercise; Rhonda’s night terrors; Rhonda is scared to drive; Teslas and self-driving cars; Los Angeles drivers are crazy; Radiolab “Cities” podcast and higher populations make people walk faster and speak faster; life goes quickly; old people have bad bodies; there are no old athletes; losing muscle mass as you age; resistance training; bone density; irisin; calcium; osteoperosis; vitamin K2; spermidine; senescense; resveratrol; fasting; acetylcholine; galantamine; opioid painkillers; addiction to opioid painkillers; dynorphin; broccoli sprouts; smoothies; mustard greens; plant insecticides; chop or blend garlic into your smoothies to activate the enzymes; MRSA; grape seed extract; garlic oil; curcumin; running downhill compared to uphill reduces soreness; killing mice in her scientific career; wine and resveratrol; some people can actually benefit from drinking lots of alcohol; Bert Kreischer drinks a box of wine per night; having a glass of wine or a drink is relaxing; is there a benefit to stressing your body through alcohol; Joe thought smoking cigarettes was good for your body because it was like lifting weights for your lungs; J. Edgar movie; benefits of nicotine; many schizophrenics are chain smokers; health benefits of nicotine; too much bok choy could give you goitre; small does of wine are good for you; importance of not exercising too much or overtraining; importance of recovery; building your endurance slowly; resveretrol; ATF4; tomatillo sauce; more resveratrol talk; vitamin E; COX2 and ibuprofen; getting drunk once a month is too much; Rhonda is concerned with and avoids ibuprofen; curcumin; benefits of sauna and heat shock proteins; hot yogadynorphins; Rhonda broke a mirror with her butt; saunas and hot yoga can relax you; sweating will cause you to release dynorphin; people try to avoid discomfort; norepinephrine; taking cold showers; going from hot yoga or a sauna to cryotherapy or an ice bath; circadian rhythm; do a sauna or cold bath before sleeping; acetylcholine; 5-HTP; studying hot yoga; studying blueberries; NRF2; a lot of people are obese; eating blueberries vs. freeze-dried blueberries; obesity accelerates damage to DNA; health benefits of being overweight article is wrong; obesity causes problems with the immune system; premature ejaculation; clickbait articles used to justify unhealthy lifestyles; fat shaming; Rhonda started making videos to help the people she loves; gut bacteria; gut bacteria craves refined sugars; high fructose corn syrup is the worst; fructose; the average five year-old child consumes 50g of sugar per day; gut bacteria; low-fiber diets destroy your gut bacteria; bacteria that thrives on low-fiber diets; intestinal bacterial overgrowth; diet affects your entire body; we need a broad spectrum of fiber; refined sugar increases chances of cancer; the pull to have sugar; Joe talks about cutting out sugar and getting headaches; you need to have a rigid diet; sugar in ProBars; refined sugar is hidden in everything; sugar in “healthy” bars; LÄRABARS; Quest Nutrition Bars; Primal Kitchen bars; the best thing to do is eat whole foods; fruit isn’t bad; we want the rush of eating bad foods; dark chocolate is good; antioxidants; glutathione; 23 and Me; CRISPR; Radiolab “Antibodies” podcast on CRISPR“Whole Body Cryotherapy” article by Steven Novella; woman who died doing cryotherapy; cryotherapy and arthritis; measurable benefits of cryotherapy; cryotherapy and glutathione; thermogenic effect of cryotherapy and norepinephrine; Rhonda is not a debunker; being critical is important; shivering; adapting to the cold; more cryotherapy talk; performance enhancements of cryotherapy between exercising; differences between cold water immersion compared to cryotherapy; anti-inflammatory markers in the blood; there IS benefits to cryotherapy; thermogenesis; fish oil and brown adipose tissue; alpha-linolenic acid; vegans should take microalgae oil; why Rhonda won’t become a vegan; not everyone that’s vegan is healthy; many vegans are nutritionally deficient; vitamin B12; iron; vitamin B12 is in animal meat; study on what Tanzanian schoolchildren eat; more B12 talk; what supplements vegans should take; women lose iron during menstruation; hemolysis; hemachromatosis; beta-carotene; vitamin D; as you age you make less vitamin D; vitamin D3; lichen; hempseedquinoa; saturated fat; the problem with saturated fat is sugar; the bad part of cholesterol; LDL cholesterol; heart disease in people with the typical American diet; there are lots of unhealthy people; you can’t blame poor health on unsaturated fat; people spout misinformation; dietary cholesterol isn’t a bad thing; stress increases cholesterol;

My Thoughts: I tried to link to everything she talks about, but there was a lot of stuff I couldn’t figure out how to spell. I linked to vitamins/supplements on Amazon if you want to buy certain things. She goes off on long rants and it’s hard to make notes for everything. I highly suggest if you have any interest in her or what she talks about, listen to this. A few times. And take notes. Lots of them.

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