The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1056 with Dr. Mark Gordon and Andrew Marr

Episode Number: 1056
Episode Guest: Dr. Mark Gordon and Andrew Marr
Original Airdate: December 27, 2017
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Guest Bio: Dr. Mark Gordon is the medical director of education at Access Medical Laboratory and is recognized as a top leader worldwide in interventional endocrinology (anti-aging medicine). Andrew Marr is a former Green Beret and founder of the Warrior Angels Foundation.

Topics Discussed: Brendan Schaub drank too much coffee and puked; shaving off a beard and the reaction from children; military grooming/dressing; explanation of the Warrior Angels Foundation and what led Andrew to start it; Andrew talks about his drinking/pill issues and choosing to quit; discovering Mark and his work; traumatic brain injury (TBI) discussion; inflammation; football players and TBI; pregnenolone; statin drugs; inflammatory markers and heart disease; PLA2; more talk about Andrew and how he learned about Mark; he was accused of taking steroids by a doctor because of his low testosterone; he was suicidal; today he is clean and sober and off all medications; success stories; Mark talks about the first guy he worked with; physical fitness and eating healthy is important; it’s hard to find a solution that isn’t a pill; roller coasters can cause inflammation; psychological differences between people in the military; a lot of people don’t take their medications on time; people get comfortable with negative patterns; people need to want to get better; people can change completely after treatment; more talk about Andrew meeting Mark; it took him three months to feel better; (1:00:00) Andrew tells a story about beating up some kids in a parking lot; talk about starting a low inflammation diet and eliminating processed foods; he didn’t change how he exercised; how he felt three months into treatment; symptoms he suffered from; one patient was on 16 medications and a year later was off all of them; more pregnenolone talk; they are currently training doctors to help others; sub-concussive impacts; brains are re-wiring themselves after treatment; what’s normal for one person isn’t normal for someone else; one patient said he felt like “Cinderella after the ball” after receiving testosterone injections;; some people who get things for free don’t appreciate them; Quiet Explosions documentary film trailer; their goal now is to spread their information; some men are embarrassed about replacing hormones or think it’s equal to taking steroids; Joe says he doubled his testosterone by cutting out refined carbohydrates; think of your body as a vehicle; you have to get tested and replenish your hormones to normal levels; list of certified health care providers in the US; Tales From the Blast Factory book.

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