The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 698 with Dr. Carl Hart

Episode Number: 698
Episode Guest: Dr. Carl Hart
Original Airdate: September 21, 2015
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Guest Bio: Dr. Carl Hart, Ph.D. is an associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University. He is known for his research in drug abuse and drug addiction. Hart was the first tenured African American professor of sciences at Columbia University.

Topics Discussed: Joe seeing Carl on The O’Reilly Factor; marijuana use now compared to the 1970s; why drug use was higher then; what is addiction; heroin addiction and its users; heroin can be beneficial taken daily; drug propaganda; opiate pills and acetaminophen; opiates and liver toxicity; people have addictive personalities; the person is the problem, not the drug; Methadone compared to heroin; sugar addiction; Geneva, Switzerland’s heroin program; United States’ propaganda about drugs; Fear the Walking Dead drug addict character; heroin withdrawal in movies and television is overblown; marijuana addiction; what is withdrawal; coffee addiction; a hangover is alcohol withdrawal; who Carl wants to reach; politicians spreading lies; Czech Republic and Portugal’s decriminalization of drugs; drug solutions around world; state rights; Chris Christie; people need to change their views of cocaine and heroin; change the drugs you use according to your age; Joe is scared of cocaine; most adults are responsible; Peter Schiff on JRE #445Mirage Men documentary; being on The O’Reilly Factor; leaving the United States for good; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; contact highs are a myth; Nick Diaz’s five-year ban for marijuana use by the Nevada State Athletic Commission; remove marijuana and cocaine from performance-enhancing drug tests; Lance Armstrong and bicycle racing; allowing drugs in sports; unfair advantages; genetic advantages; testosterone replacement therapy in the UFC; allowing steroids in the UFC; do fighters do more damage when on steroids; confidence; broadness of the term “drug”; drug user elitism; closeted drug users; being a workaholic; Carl’s son challenging his teachers about drugs; the myth that drug use leads to brain damage; studies on drug use and the brain; dopamine cells; bodybuilders and steroids; what is a sport; heart disease; alcohol and the heart; Donald Trump running for president; what would Carl do if he was the United States’ drug czar; Obama releasing people from prison for non-violent marijuana drug crimes; racism and drug laws; struggle around the world; decriminalization and drug dealers; regulation; sleeping pills; legalization and private prisons; prisoners for profit; Portugal’s decriminalization; ignorance; how Carl is received around world; Mexico’s decriminalization.

My Thoughts: Interesting talk on addiction and drugs, not sure how much ground he covered that he didn’t already talk about during his previous appearance, though that was a long time ago.

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