The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1084 with Douglas Murray

Episode Number: 1084
Episode Guest: Douglas Murray
Original Airdate: February 26, 2018
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Guest Bio: Douglas Murray is an author, journalist, and political commentator. He is the founder of the Centre for Social Cohesion and is the associate director of the Henry Jackson Society and associate editor of The Spectator, a British magazine discussing culture and politics. His latest book The Strange Death of Europe is available now.

Topics Discussed: Doug on Sam Harris’ podcast; Doug was labeled by Twitter as promoting hate speech; Jordan Peterson is considered a troublemaker; the tech industry is a progressive thought bubble echo chamber; Joe thinks we’re in an adolescent stage of communication; new artificial intelligence system can see what you are thinking; there’s no logical human being taking the wheel; can the online world forgive; everyone lives in a glass house throwing as many stones as they can; Joe explains the Jamie Kilstein drama to Douglas; people addicted to fighting/drama online; some people are proud of being blocked by popular people; someone sent Douglas animal porn; The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition; retaliation for humor; Charlie Hebdo 2015 attack; some people only read headlines and not articles; Salmon Rushdie; bullshit arguments; things aren’t as bad as people think; more Charlie Hebdo talk; Curtis Culwell Center “Draw Muhammad” attack; saying you can’t draw something is a slippery slope; South Park Muhammad story controversy; more talk about Muhammad(1:00:00) how many people actually read the entire bible; ridiculous rules in the bible; Elisha and the Two Bears bible story; more talk about religion; Morten Storm talk; people are learning things and discovering contradictions in the religions they follow by Googling about them; Richard Dawkins debate about the splitting of the moon; The God Delusion book; rational discussion of religion is difficult; racism after the 9/11 attacks; Douglas talks about some recent terrorist attacks in the UK; Three Girls BBC TV show; Rochdale child sex abuse ring; journalism and publishing the facts; France and terrorist attacks; we act like cowards when something really happens; misinformation during chaos; The Seven Sins of Memory book; flaws with our memories; eyewitness testimony is one of the worst types of evidence; America and gun control talk; Samuel L. Jackson on Trump’s idea to arm teachers with guns; talk about terrorist attacks and the weapons used by terrorists; it’s too easy to buy a gun in America; mental health, psych meds/antidepressants, and mass shooters; issues that aren’t being discussed; Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black having baby; people don’t want to discuss gender or sexuality; Joe thinks he can get away with saying things because people don’t take him seriously and because he’s kind; Caitlyn Jenner killed someone in an automobile accident; today’s generation will have a harder life than their parents did; telling people to “stay in your lane”; white privilege and cowardice; radical progressive ideology is coming from modern progressives who aren’t religious; “free thinkers” stick to their rigid ideologies; “I know it when I see it“; mockery lets people know how ridiculous others think their ideas are; male feminists; virtue signalling(2:00:00) our behavior is experimental; we’re not born perfectly, we all have flaws; saying someone who disagrees with you is evil; assume that someone with an opposing viewpoint might have an honest motive with reasons to disagree; Nazis; The Strange Death of Europe book.

Books Mentioned

These are the books that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

The God Delusion
Great product!; Dawkins, Richard (Author); English (Publication Language); 464 Pages - 01/16/2008 (Publication Date) - Mariner Books (Publisher)
$15.95 −$1.75 $14.20
The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers
the psychology of memory; Schacter, Daniel L. (Author); English (Publication Language); 288 Pages - 05/07/2002 (Publication Date) - Mariner Books (Publisher)
$16.99 −$3.32 $13.67
The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam
Bloomsbury Publishing; Hardcover Book; Murray, Douglas (Author); English (Publication Language)
$26.00 −$9.01 $16.99

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