The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1122 with Donnie Vincent

Episode Number: 1122
Episode Guest: Donnie Vincent
Original Airdate: May 29, 2018
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Guest Bio: Donnie Vincent is a biologist, explorer, conservationist, sportsman, and filmmaker.

Topics Discussed: Floating/isolation tanks; hunting isn’t portrayed well in movies and television; Donnie is making a film about hunting; his work with National Geographic; questioning why he loves to hunt; problems with PETA; domesticated animals; captive orcas; Donnie tells a story about his experience with an orca whale; Blackfish documentary; more whale talk; Phil Demers; only a small percentage of meat eaters actually kill their own meat; Joe talks about getting into hunting; factory farming discussion; hunters contribute a lot of money to animal and land conservation; large scale agriculture; Joe talks about trying a vegan diet; agriculture equipment for grain and vegetables accidentally kills animals; talk about dirt and soil; Donnie is concerned with land conservation; hunters need to be aware of when to back off hunting; laboratory-created meat; life eats life; talk about how well bears can smell; bears are delicious; Donnie talks about cooking a bear; bear meat tastes like what bears were eating before they died; bear fat turns blue when they eat a lot of blueberries; you are literally what you eat; humans are the only thing that keeps bear populations in check; Donnie talks about hunting in British Columbia and Alaska; hunting with dogs; (1:00:00) mountain lion meat is like the best pork; more mountain lion talk; British Columbia ends grizzly bear hunting; trophy hunting talk; high fence hunting; Donnie would never kill a giraffe unless it’s for balancing the ecosystem; Cecil the lion; eating brown bear meat; soaking fish/meat in milk before cooking; eating black bear meat; animals are predators and aren’t all cute and cuddly like in the movies; humans are meat eaters even though we don’t have to eat meat today; Donnie tells a story about vegans who became meat eaters out of necessity; Cafe Gratitude’s return to meat sparks vegan outrage; we’re so far removed from our meat today; how many people actually cook their own meat; corn is terrible for you; US home cooking statistics; the problem with vegan culture; people love to stand on a moral high ground; Daniel Vitalis; not all vegans or hunters are bad; the arctic is Donnie’s favorite place; Donnie talks about the time he lived with a pack of wolves for one summer and how comfortable they became with him; Never Cry Wolf movie; more talk about the wolves he lived with; he was once surrounded by wolves in the arctic; not wanting to kill a wolf; eating wolf meat; more talk about wolves; dingos in Australia; it’s amazing seeing wild animals in the wild; talk about hunting elk in Nevada; (2:00:00) there should educational journeys into the wild to observe animals without hunting them; we’ve removed ourselves from wildlife; Joe thinks giraffes are fine with being in zoos; filmmaker killed by a giraffe in South Africa; more talk about British Columbia banning grizzly bear hunting; more talk about trophy hunting vs. hunting for meat; hunters leaving meat behind after a kill; arguing over meat; how someone should get into hunting; bowhunting is a lifestyle; you need to be in shape to hunt; Joe suggests hunting wild pigs for someone who’s hunting for the first time; Joe talks again about hunting axis deer in Lanai, Hawaii; tiger talk; Donnie studied biology in college; he started hunting around 10-12 years of age; people who go hunting but just drink beer and don’t kill anything; getting into making films; talk about the process of making a film; The River’s Divide documentary; more hunting talk; people on ATVs ruining the wilderness; hunters on horseback; suffering while hunting is rewarding; hunting on public land vs. private land; tag auctions; hunting and bragging rights; hunting is supposed to be difficult and the animal is the reward; bowhunting vs. rifle hunting; Joe talks about hunting deer in Wisconsin; Joe recommends people interested in trying hunting to watch Donnie’s films.

Movies Mentioned

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Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Kim Ashdown, Ken Balcomb, Samantha Berg (Actors); English (Playback Language)
Never Cry Wolf
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Charles Martin Smith, Brian Dennehy (Actors); Carroll Ballard (Director) - Curtis Hanson (Writer) - Lewis Allen (Producer)

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