The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 921 with Dominick Cruz

Episode Number: 921
Episode Guest: Dominick Cruz
Original Airdate: February 23, 2017
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Guest Bio: Dominick Cruz is a mixed martial artist and former two-time UFC bantamweight champion. He also is a UFC color commentator and analyst on FOX.

Topics Discussed: You have to constantly be improving as a fighter; having good people around you; Dom reflects on his recent loss to Cody Garbrandt; not making excuses for his loss; how Dom has learned to handle difficulties in his life; his mother and grandmother raised him; Dom grew up in a trailer; telling his family he wanted to be a fighter; he’s at peace in the gym; he quit school to pursue fighting; Dom’s style is uniquely his; how he developed his style; Dom’s game is built on adjustments; the best fighters are the ones who get on top and stay there; coach Eric Del Fierro talk; fighters are often broken people looking to rebuild; fighting and psychology; negative feedback online; be the same after a win as you are after a loss; people don’t know who Ronda Rousey is after a loss because she runs and hides; finding out who you are after an injury; Dom talks about his past ACL injuries; Dom hit rock bottom after his second ACL injury; he was getting paid by the UFC while hurt until the belt was stripped from him; Dom talks about tearing his quad before pulling out of his Renan Barao fight; Dom gave up on fighting; talking to God and not getting a response; realizing he might never fight again; letting go of the things he couldn’t control; talk about his 1:00 win over Takeya Mizugaki; how his mind was affecting his body; Dom suffers from depression; hating himself and feeling trapped in his own body; talking with psychologists; realizing he is something without fighting; (1:00:00) he blew his knee out one week after fighting Mizugaki; Dom didn’t train for nine months after injuring his knee; working with Dr. Lardon; Dom had three months to train for the TJ Dillashaw fight after not training for nine months; Dom believes there’s something bigger in the universe; developing plantar fasciitis; he broke his rib eight weeks before the TJ fight; he had to get Cortisol injections; adjusting his training; his first MMA coaches were Drew Fickett and Don Frye; the TJ camp was the worst one he ever had; he developed plantar fasciitis in both feet; he had to get Botox injections in both his feet; he had to crawl on his hands and feet to avoid putting weight on his feet; tearing his foot; Dom is considering stem cell injections in his shoulders, feet, and knees; Daniel Cormier had stem cells from his hip injected into his knee; talk about DC and Jon Jones; Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; fighters who come back after getting knocked down; Frankie Edgar; Joe thinks Fedor and not Cain Velasquez is the best heavyweight of all time; Mirko CroCop talk; “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying”; Pride FC and the lack of drug testing; Dom considered signing with IFL; Dom didn’t make the cut for The Ultimate Fighter; Dom talks about fighting in the WEC; he considered being an EMT or fire fighter; Dom is glad he got into MMA in its infancy; Dom talks about his confusing style; where his style and footwork came from; his training in the beginning; talk about meeting Eric Del Fierro; adding punches and kicks to his wrestling style; Dom is a visual learner and doesn’t write anything down; his odd movement allows him to stay defensive while remaining offensive; talk about his last Urijah Faber fight; Dom wants to face the winner of TJ Dillashaw vs. Cody Garbrandt; talk about Cody’s boxing; CM Punk talk; Dom thinks CM Punk is a genius; Joe says CM Punk shouldn’t have jumped into the UFC; Joe talks about telling Brendan Schaub he needs to retire; Joe says CM Punk was delusional; the UFC made a hero out of Mickey Gall; you only get paid if you’re famous in the UFC; talk about female MMA fighters; Joe calls Ronda’s past opponents limited in their skills; Paige VanZant talk;  (2:00:00) Paige VanZant gets paid as much as champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk because she’s pretty; Dom talks about women training at his gym; Dom says men don’t listen but women do; letting go of your ego; Dom thinks that in the gym, women prefer being taught by men than another women; women take instruction better than men; Dom is healing right now; Dom talks about the Cody fight and getting cut; Dom fought different in the fourth and fifth rounds because he was trying to finish Cody; Dom isn’t discouraged by the Cody loss, he thinks he will grow from it; Dom wants to come back in December; Dom wants to see what happens between TJ and Cody.

My Thoughts: Not worth listening to if you’re not a fan of MMA because it’s all fight talk. Dom talks about starting out in MMA and working his way up to the UFC, training, dealing with his injuries, and his psychology.

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