The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 659 with Dean Delray (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 659
Episode Guest: Dean Delray
Original Airdate: June 11, 2015
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, Uber, Onnit

Guest Bio: Dean Delray is a stand-up comedian. He has his own podcast called Let There Be Talk available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics Discussed: Enjoying comedy and music when he was young; doing stand-up for the first time; watching Andrew Dice Clay; comedians and cocaine in the ’80s; all-nighters; starting stand-up comedy; older comedians; quitting drinking; vocal cord issues; Hollywood during the Guns ‘n’ Roses era; Welcome to the Jungle video; tattoos now and then; quitting eating candy; being healthy; Comedy Underground in Toronto; dabbing; weed now and then; weed contests; black hash; transitioning from music into comedy; selling motorcycles; driving and texting; car accidents; sleeping driver in Los Angeles; drinking and driving; steering wheel detects drunk drivers; legal limit for alcohol; Hilary Clinton; political corruption; presidential debates; Willie Nelson and Chip Carter smoked weed at the White House; good presidents; gas wars; American cars; old cars; muscle cars; Corvettes; Jay Leno’s cars and motorcycles; greatest car engine sound; automatic and manual cars; San Francisco real estate; San Francisco fires; 1989 earthquakeBay Bridge collapse; Joe living in San Francisco; earthquakes; Love and Mercy movie; Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” album; God Only Knows by The Beach Boys; rolling joints on records; seeds in weed; weed legalization; motorcycles; HUD motorcycle helmets; motorcycle crashes; cutting lanes; seat belts; Dean riding his bike in rain and snow; people flicking cigarette butts at him; bugs; helmet laws; Arizona; gun laws in Arizona; guns; Desert Eagle recoil video; Dirty Harry movie; San Francisco and gays; starting comedy older; lack of girls; doing Tom Green’s show; Tom Green’s first show; Tom Green’s new set; talk shows and desks; Joan Rivers vs. Johnny Carson; late night viral videos; the old Tonight Show; strength of podcasts; keeping podcasts free; Metallica tape trading; binge watching TV shows; traditional TV vs. the internet; Periscope; Twitch; fans; Dean’s podcast; doing it yourself; managers and agents; tattoos; Periscope sponsors; I’m Dying Up Here book; The Comedy Store; Joe Walsh story; The Eagles; today is the best time for comedy; Joey Diaz; comedy in the ’90s; The Comedy Store; Periscope; Dom Irrera; quitting smoking; caffeine; cocaine; Lemmy from Motorhead; sugar daddies; Joe’s real estate house story; High Concept book by Charles Fleming; degrading women; Joey’s apartment; Hollywood Hills views; roommates; owing money; flicking cigarette butts; counting cigarette butts thrown from Prius cars; motorcycle BMW video; road rage; anger.

My Thoughts: Dean seems like a cool guy and has some great stories about the ’80s music scene in Los Angeles.

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