The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 582 with David Seaman

Episode Number: 582
Episode Guest: David Seaman
Original Airdate: December 2, 2014
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom,, Onnit

Guest Bio: David Seaman is a journalist and former Congressional candidate. He also hosts his own podcast called The David Seaman Hour.

Topics Discussed: Uber and Lyft; Walmart; supporting “mom and pop” stores; The Great Gatsby movie; Leonardo DiCaprio movies; facial alterations; nose jobs; plastic surgery disasters; New Jersey’s “deception sex” law; fake watches; smart watches; bitcoin; Ferguson; racial profiling; marijuana laws; private prisons; banks and lenders; Robert De Niro; James Bond movies; Batman movies; Christian Bale; bitcoin; crytocurrencies; artificial intelligence; robots; internet; surveillance; loss of privacy; weed laws; hemp vs. paper; re-engineering society; psychedelics; ayhuasca; deaths from legal things; desire to alter our natural state; TSA; flying; emotional support animals; smoking; smoking in bars; Keen’s Steakhouse pipe restaurant in New York City; woman president; comet guy’s sexist girl T-shirt; third gender; non-sexuals; Deepak Chopra; Deepak Chopra Decoding Deepak documentary; psychedelics in the ’50s and ’60s; reading weed; Sikhs; police brutality; witness testimony; police body cameras; difficulty of being a cop; stop and frisk; fake drug entrapment; appeal of Islam; semen warriors.

My Thoughts: Didn’t stay on one topic too long which was nice, though the topics discussed were ones that had been covered many, many times before.

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