The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1131 with Dave Rubin

Episode Number: 1131
Episode Guest: Dave Rubin
Original Airdate: June 13, 2018
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Guest Bio: Dave Rubin is a stand-up comedian, talk show host, and television personality. He is the creator and host of political comedy talk show The Rubin Report.

Topics Discussed: They haven’t seen each other since the last election; Jordan Peterson talk; angry white men; doing live shows with Jordan Peterson and the response they’ve received; he thinks the left is more racist than the right, Joe disagrees; tribalism; libertarianism; state rights vs. federal laws; he thinks the federal government should basically do nothing and leave things up to the states; wacky professors with tenure; protests at Dave’s University of New Hampshire speech; why are people protesting him; people thinking they’re oppressed; he thinks identity politics is a big threat; more talk about his speeches and people/professors challenging him; Joe’s podcast with Alex Jones; Anthony Bourdain’s death; people think Bourdain was killed by Clinton operatives; conspiracy theories Alex Jones was right about; England’s grooming gangs; talking to someone doesn’t mean you agree with them; more talk about Alex Jones; talk about podcasting; Joe is just fascinated by interesting people and likes talking to them; Dave went off the grid in August and locked his phone in a safe; Dave is writing a book; Dave’s video “Why I Left the Left”; being an individual will make you happy; judge people as individuals; “If You Really Love LGBTQ People, You Just Can’t Keep Eating Chick-fil-A” article(1:00:00) Dave thinks most people are good, decent folks who just want others to live how they want to live in a way that makes them happy; the business of outrage; more talk about Jordan Peterson; how female newscasters dress vs. male newscasters; “I was Jordan Peterson’s strongest supporter. Now I think he’s dangerous” article; Dave says the tour he’s on with Jordan is a love fest; Sam Harris’ podcasts with Jordan Peterson; mainstream media and journalism talk; people in Hollywood are faking it to become successful; more talk about why they can’t just have conversations with someone without being labelled a right winger, alt-right, or a conservative; Ben Shapiro talk; Hillary Clinton changed her opinion on same-sex marriage; Obama was once against same-sex marriage; taking down Civil War statues; Thomas Jefferson; George Washington; Obama has deported more people than any other president; (they watch a video of Obama from 2005 talking about immigration and securing the border); anyone can voice their opinion on the internet; people want Trump to fail; Bill Maher hopes for a recession to get rid of Trump; talk about Trump and North Korea; things seem to be working well; he thinks people are starved for sanity and want a reset to decency; Trump is an icebreaker and is making us reevaluate everything; identity politics; Harvard, Asian-Americans, and discriminationCandace Owens talk; black conservatives; he thinks the black and gay communities are dividing; is there room for a third party; the idea of throwing your vote away; Supreme court sides with baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake; freedom is messy; (2:00:00) Dave keeps suggesting people pick up their lives and move states if they don’t like the rules of the state they live in; people have power and we shouldn’t look to the government to make decisions for us; no mainstream conservatives are screaming about gay marriage anymore; estate tax; Dave ordered chickens and had them delivered through the mail; Dave keeps asking whether we want the government to regulate our lives; Joe challenges him and says we need regulations, cites construction laws/codes and believes the consumer needs to be protected; Ayn Rand; Dave believes greed is good; Joe continues to challenge him about regulation and pollution laws; Dave thinks people can just use Snapchat to report things like breaking pollution laws rather than have the government involved; Fentanyl; pharmaceutical companies; Ambien; talk about the Roseanne debacle where she blamed Ambien for her racist tweet; drunk sex, regret, and rape; male student accused female student of sexual assault after drunk sex; Dave thinks he was roofied by a girl in college and talks about it; have gay guys accused other gay guys of rape after drunk sex; Bill Cosby rape talk; Dave used to love Bill Cosby’s stand-up comedy; it’s gross how public everything is today; it’s better to talk about ideas rather than people; more ranting about “journalists” today, like those writing for BuzzFeed; Jordan Peterson is on a carnivore diet due to health issues; Dave talks about losing his hair and trying an experimental treatment that was similar to poison ivy; sudden fame/popularity can cause stress and pressure; Joe says Doug Stanhope told him to write his stand-up material as if you’re a defense attorney who can defend his bits; Jordan Peterson and forced monogamy; incels; men today need to be men and do difficult things to build confidence and discipline; exercising is like brushing your teeth, you should just do it; yoga talk; the hardest step to take is the first step and the hardest weight to lift is the first one; isolation tanks; the importance of saying what you think; more talk about isolation tanks and floating; weed talk; Dave talks about doing mushrooms recently and playing video games; Joe thinks he’s less combative with each passing year; Joe’s drive for working hard is making the people who enjoy his work happy; (3:00:00) Dave is selling out stand-up shows now due to his increased visibility.

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