The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 755 with Daniele Bolelli

Episode Number: 755
Episode Guest: Daniele Bolelli
Original Airdate: February 3, 2016
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Guest Bio: Daniele Bolelli is an Italian author, professor, and martial artist. His latest book Not Afraid is out now and his new podcast called History on Fire is available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Daniele’s yin yang bandana and Conan the Barbarian T-shirt; Homo floresiesis was a unique species; Frank Frazetta; Conan the Barbarian movies; Jason Momoa; Conan’s build; Daniele’s new book Not Afraid; realizing everything can go away; dealing with pressure and stress; starting martial arts and changing your life; Anthony Bourdain and Ottavia Bourdain are addicted to Brazilian jiu jitsu; inspiration is fuel; believing God lives in the clouds; Ted Cruz fans; Barry Goldwater; presidential candidates professing a love for God; Donald Trump has nothing to lose; Trump is a good media man; people will vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman; faking your ethnicity; Indian crying commercial; Native American stereotypes; Native Americans were cannibals; story of man who was being chased by Indians; The Revenant movie; Sue Aikens bear story; weather in Alaska; aurora borealis; size of Alaska; size of Africa; eagles; mosquitoes in Alaska; Florida python hunt; people getting eaten by alligators in Florida; nile crocodiles; Narcos Netflix show; the El Salvador government and the Cold War; was there ever a noble or ethical government at any time in human history; Saudi millionaire cleared of rape after he said he fell on her; Dexter TV show; The Sopranos was a comedy; Italian Americans acting like they are in the mob; New Jersey Italians on television; tax evasion; the government is as bad as the mafia; Marco Polo TV show; Rome TV show; what the podcasting world was like back when Joe started his podcast; how Anthony Cumia inspired Joe to start a podcast; inspiring other comedians to start a podcast; doing podcasts intoxicated; weed can be a crutch; how women respond to weed; doing ecstasy; ecstasy hurts your brain the next day; 5-HTP after ecstasy; how Onnit New Mood was created; porn is not prostitution because it’s video taped; The Comedy Store; Rainbow Bar and Grill has a permanent chair for Lemmy; sacred things; Keck Observatory; the Hawaiian islands; Native American ceremonies; saying “namaste” to someone; dreams, coincidence, and clairvoyant moments; Daniele’s story about feeling that his friend was hurt and in trouble; Joe doing Game Show in My Head and having people make up stories about seeing a UFO; the Phoenix lights; Phoenix governor mocking people who saw the Phoenix lights video; why do we want an explanation for everything; ghost hunter TV shows never find evidence of ghosts; ghost hunter TV star murders his wife and himself; murder/suicides after a couple breaks up; people who can’t get over a break-up; divorce and men having to pay women large sums of money; it’s easy to find someone today; Joe tells story about his friend who went through a terrible divorce; the legal contract of marriage is stupid; alimony laws are ridiculous; Ralphie May‘s divorce; divorce and maintaining a quality of life for the wife; prenuptial agreements; Roseanne Barr had to pay alimony to Tom Arnold; why does the government need to get involved in relationships; wedding rings and diamonds; Joe’s aunt was given a fake diamond wedding ring; Joe’s friend bought his wife a million-dollar ring; Mariah Carey was given a 35-karat diamond ring; story about Jennifer Lopez wanting to move Ben Affleck’s favorite basketball court to her house; Joe calling a friend and his friend’s wife answers the guy’s cell phone; not wanting to make compromises in life; staying with a crazy girl because she’s amazing in bed; sleeping your life away when you’re in jail; jealousy; some people have sex much better than others; jealousy and insecurity; needy “famine” thinking; your childhood can influence how you are as an adult; monogamy doesn’t make sense but neither does polygamy; swingers and couples with open relationships; cab drivers are weird; difference between limo drivers and Uber drivers; swingers usually look disgusting; Showtime’s Polyamory TV show; do what makes you happy if it doesn’t hurt anyone else; 50 Shades of Grey and girls wanting to be choked; girls squeezing sperm from a condom into their pussies; girls who won’t let guys pull out; girls who lie about being on the pill; trick pregnancies; sex is weird because it makes people; condoms and spermicide; lambskin condoms; Charlie Sheen getting HIV; Charlie Sheen’s teeth; Charlie Sheen doing the Anger Management TV show; it’s hard to create a good sitcom; Netflix is doing TV shows the right way; The Walking Dead TV show; commercials; Fear the Walking Dead TV show; Daniele’s podcast; creative yet brutal ways to kill people; Otzi (The Iceman); information overload on the internet; growing back your foreskin; penis pumps; penis operations.

My Thoughts: Short 2.5-hour podcast that doesn’t get too hippy-dippy. A little bit of UFO talk! Lots of divorce/marriage/sex/relationship talk. Enjoyable. Joe does most of the talking.

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The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 716 with Daniele Bolelli

Episode Number: 716
Episode Guest: Daniele Bolelli
Original Airdate: October 30, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Daniele Bolelli is an Italian author, professor, and martial artist. His books include Create Your Own Religion and On the Warrior’s Path and his new podcast called History on Fire is available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Daniele’s accent; saying “like”, “you know” and other filler words too much; speaking Italian; writing in English; short attention spans; having a conversation; being happy; living in the moment vs. letting your mind wander; focusing on something intensely; guys who try too hard to get women; “on behalf of all men, I apologize” billboard; toxic masculinity; pick-up artists; men who panic around hot women; prostitution in America; relationships are like prostitution; people are too uptight about sex; rape compared to regret; having sex while drunk vs. getting someone drunk to have sex with them; are there fewer sexual assaults where prostitution is legal; everyone with a job is a “hooker”; the 1960s; The New York Times; learning American news in Italy; first organized sports; the origin of American football; immigrants and combat sports; people becoming civilized; growing up in rough environments; Edward James Olmos in American Me; people and animals sensing weakness and aggression; mob mentality; fighting never resolves anything; learning how to negotiate; we only remember the worst things from our history; war is unavoidable and inevitable; over population leads to conflict; giraffes kill each other with their necks and heads; bachelor groups of deer; deer heal themselves quickly; new species is a mix of wolves, coyotes, and dogs; Radiolab podcast episode “New Nice” about domestication of the fox; duiker antelope; deer eat birds; birds eat birds; hawks; elk meat; 30 bald eagles in guy’s backyard video; dinosaurs had feathers; picture of bobcat in chicken coop; eating mountain lion; Joe’s fascination with predators; wild species are cooler than domesticated species; coyotes eating Joe’s chickens; mountain lions; predator animals are fascinating; ancient Roman people eating animals after watching gladiator fights; lions in Rome; Roman gladiator fights; fat people on scooters; wealthy people used to be overweight; facing adversity when growing up; interesting people had difficult childhoods; developing character; wild animals compared to domesticated animals; Joe’s theory that supermarkets have domesticated humans; Vikings TV show; polyamorous societies; semen warriors of Papau New Guinea; China’s one-child policy turned into two-child policy; men who want boys instead of girls; children are a product of their environment; what people can be subjected to in their entertainment; Vincent Gallo’s The Brown Bunny Chloe Sevigny blowjob scene; accepting who you are and what you’re into; people worried about the perception of themselves from other people; academics don’t like Daniele; culture of academia is shifting; political correctness in academia; academia is insulated from podcasts and the outside world; the best history books are written by journalists; fat people on scooters at Disneyland; Disneyland rides being modified to accommodate obese people; fat people having kids; Joe cutting back on eating sugar; sugar and carbs are why people are fat; why do Italians eat pasta but don’t get fat; food in Italy compared to the same food in the United States; selective breeding of our food; how fast food is changing; airport food; our fast food is getting better; people need to start growing their own food; why do we grow so many plants and trees that we can’t eat; Daniele working on his podcast; Italian accents; accents and translation; translating from one language to another; translating the bible; Otzi the Iceman from 5,000 years ago and learning about the past.

My Thoughts: Not surprisingly, Joe steers the conversation towards animals and meat.

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