The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 857 with Dan Bilzerian

Episode Number: 857
Episode Guest: Dan Bilzerian
Original Airdate: October 12, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, MeUndies, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Dan Bilzerian is a social media personality and professional poker player.

Topics Discussed: Dan talks about playing poker and living like a baller when he was younger; how popular he is on social media; when did his social media craziness start; bringing girls on vacation with him; paying for sex; chimps and prostitution; prostitution vs. sex slavery; legality of drugs compared to alcohol; Hillary’s stance on marijuana; making money off Instagram; will he ever get tired of his life and settle down; Dan’s thoughts on relationships; how women dress; double standards between men and women; more relationship and marriage talk; divorces; divorce horror stories; how he got all his money originally; losing money in poker; being in the military before playing poker; suffering broken legs while in the military; doing Navy SEAL training; learning how to play poker and starting to play professionally; he got into poker at the right time; (Dan takes a piss); Hugh Hefner and other old rich guys banging young girls; fame brings more women than money does; fucking a girl without ever speaking to her; he’s more famous than Ron Pearlman; people think he’s shallow and hate him; girls get famous/rich from hanging out with him; famous guys have pussy coordinators; Joe tells a story about an old guy who was banging young girls/hookers who got killed; his plans for the future; his upcoming apps; how much money he has made playing poker; (Dan leaves to make a phone call); Joe talks about aging and getting older; Gianluca Vacchi; Gianluca dancing video; injuries and stem cell treatments; hanging therapy; more stem cell treatment talk; Dan talks about his injuries and stem cell treatment; hormone replacement therapy; Mexico talk; more stem cell talk; Mickey Rourke; stem cells and sports; talk about drug doping and performance enhancing drugs and testing; Russian anti-doping chief found dead; Fedor Emelianenko; Roy Nelson; how can MMA fighters be fat; Roy Nelson’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills; Elite XC talk; Kimbo Slice; Sean Gannon vs. Kimbo Slice fight; Dan tells the story of his heart attacks from partying too hard, doing too many drugs, taking Viagra, banging too many girls, not sleeping, etc.; his doctor was Dr. Conrad Murray; what a heart attack is; Dan’s cycling betsleep apnea and red blood cells; Dan talks about biking with Lance Armstrong; more talk about the bet; accidentally drinking GHB; Joe tells the Opie and Anthony baby bird egg nog story; woman dies after water drinking contest; more talk about the bet where Dan had to ride a bike from Los Angeles to Las Vegas; Dan bet $18 million on one hand of poker; Dan’s hair fell out due to stress from playing poker; beta blockers; Dan talks about playing poker online; people use software to help with playing online poker; playing poker online vs. playing live; guys who want to lose at poker; bankroll management; people getting angry when they lose at poker; you don’t want to lose to someone you hate; the mental games of poker; mental challenges are harder than physical challenges; Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey don’t have to fight anymore and it diminishes their hunger; life is a balancing act; you can’t be happy all the time; you can buy pleasure but not happiness; getting spoiled by having the best of everything; people think getting rich will make them happy; you need to have goals; Joe and Dan complain about being rich and how being able to buy anything they want doesn’t mean anything to them; people are overstimulated; we’re missing something by being constantly connected to technology; the younger generation doesn’t know how to interact in person; people are more informed now; the internet is the biggest change for the human race; Dan talks about doing DMT and his experiences with psychedelics; Dan’s friend pissed inside a police station in Amsterdam; talk about doing mushrooms; psychedelics reset your mind; doing acid; psychedelics and treating addiction; Dan throws parties with disabled veterans; perspective on your life; sometimes a bad thing that happens to you turns out to be a good thing.

My Thoughts: Talk about Dan’s military past. Talk about stem cells. Some MMA talk. Talk about the bet where Dan rode a bike from LA to Vegas. Lots of poker talk. Dan skirts around answering questions about how much money he has and where it came from. Joe and Dan complain about being rich. Psychedelic talk.

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