The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1106 with Colion Noir

Episode Number: 1106
Episode Guest: Colion Noir
Original Airdate: April 18, 2018
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Guest Bio: Colion Noir is a gun rights activist, lawyer, member of the National Rifle Association, and host of the NRA Freestyle web series NOIR.

Topics Discussed: Talk about his pseudonym; nicknames; he’s an unofficial spokesperson for the NRA; talk about his background; being scared of guns and going to the gun range for the first time; shooting a gun for the first time and liking it; a gun is just an object that people use, like a car; mass shootings are bad, but no NRA members have ever perpetrated one; people who question why anyone needs an automatic rifle; Joe talks again about mass shooters and psych meds; neither want crazy people to have guns; gun control talk; he debates people on Twitter; what the NRA thinks of him; Ted Nugent; Ted Nugent vs. Piers Morgan on gun control video; 65% of gun deaths are actually suicides; why do so many people want to kill themselves; more gun death statistics; a lot of people don’t understand basic gun safety; Joe talks about shooting guns for the first time; Joe talks about the first guns he bought; people are scared of guns; mass shootings; gang violence; gun violence in Chicago; Colion talks about visiting Chicago; should there be more screening for people who want to buy guns; should people be allowed to own guns if they’re on psych meds; screening gun owners; Chinese college student to be deported after buying guns; there needs to be due process for new gun owners; podcasts vs. talking on TV; interviewing people on his NRA TV show CN Live; talk about John Oliver on NRA TV; people think the NRA is white and racist; more John Oliver talk; people are polite at the gun range; is a well-armed society a polite society; Texas is an exaggerated version of America; there are more tigers in American backyards than in the wild; Colion explains shooting competitions; Keanu Reeves training for John Wick 2 video; Keanu Reeves is a normal dude; (1:00:00) he carries a gun whenever he can legally; he always has a bullet in the chamber; he gets a lot of hate after a mass shooting; he suggests people go to an NRA meeting and they would be surprised; people who want automatic rifles to protect themselves from the government; London mayor calls for knife control after murder rate surpasses New York City; what makes a person go bad and become a mass shooter; mandatory gun ownership in Georgia town; Joe doesn’t think people should be talking about gun control, but rather what makes people want to kill others; Colion would still want guns even if violence didn’t exist; incorporating athleticism in shooting guns; why do people focus on guns after a mass shooting and not the person; talk about the type of people who commit mass shootings; what can be done to stop mass shootings; the majority of gun owners aren’t committing gun crimes; poverty and gangs leading to gun violence; we need to fix communities and give people opportunities; we need to make less losers; should teachers be armed, or should there be armed guards at schools; Hollywood is anti-gun, yet many movies glamorize guns; security for celebrities; Kim Kardashian is anti-gun yet surrounded by guards with guns; Colion doesn’t think he’s paranoid; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu talk; Colion talks about why he started BJJ; Joe tries to give him a fanny pack; he works a little as a lawyer but mostly makes YouTube videos; YouTube demonetizing and banning gun channels; Twitter employees analyze private messages; more talk about social media platforms banning/demonetizing gun owners and other people who they don’t agree with, like Jordan Peterson; podcasting vs. a television interview; gun-free zones; metal detectors; inner city violence vs. suburban violence; (Colion goes to the bathroom); Joe asks Jamie if he would ever want to carry a gun; people think they could calmly pull out their gun and use it when needed; eyewitness testimony; Colion thinks eliminating gun-free zones would protect people; Joe thinks there should be a public hearing about the connection between psychiatric medication and gun violence; for depression, prescribing exercise before mediation; Joe talks again about friends who were on antidepressents and went off them and are fine; Lost Connections book; “SSRIs for depression/heart failure patients? Not so fast.” article; importance of exercise; Colion has his own gun(2:00:00) his gun can’t be purchased/owned in California; there’s no answer to the gun problem; he doesn’t care about peoples’ positions about guns, but wants people to educate themselves to have an informed opinion; he would like to debate an anti-gun advocate on Joe’s podcast; people are scared of guns but not a bow and arrow.

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Lost Connections: Why You’re Depressed and How to Find Hope
Excellent Condition; Hardcover Book; Hari, Johann (Author); English (Publication Language)
$28.00 −$8.71 $19.29

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